Is the Type C connector a good idea?

Episode 1314 (1:41:36)

Lamarty from Bellflower, CA

Lamarty wants to know what happened to the Note 6. Leo says that Samsung skipped it, wanting to even the numeric sequences between the S series and the Note series. But they're also changing the power plug. Leo says that's a good thing. It's the Type C connector, and it will be good because it can't be inserted incorrectly. He could just plug it in either way. It's also much more versatile. All manufacturers will be going towards it except Apple, which did the same thing with its Lightning connector. Leo also says that like the iPhone 7, future Android phones may eliminate the headphone jack because of it.

There's some great Type C cords out there and he'll have to avoid the bad ones. That's why Leo recommends buying them on Amazon.