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Watch Michael from Detroit, MI Comments

Michael bought the iPhone 6s as his first iPhone and he finds it very difficult to do certain things that are much easier for Android users. Leo says that's true by and large, but Apple has a set way of doing things in the ecosystem. Recording audio and video calls is useful in Android, but the iPhone requires a third party service which he'll have to pay for. Should he jailbreak his phone for more options? Leo says no. Jailbreaking affects the performance of the iPhone and makes it difficult to update. Right now, he wouldn't be able to jailbreak anyway.

The bottom line is that it's Apple's way or the highway. Some find that comforting, but Leo says if he wants more freedom and flexibility, then he should return that iPhone and go Android.

Watch Karen from Diamond Bar, CA Comments

Karen has an issue with a "jumping cursor" when she types on her laptop. Leo says it's a common problem when you have a laptop with a trackpad. The solution is to go into the settings and turn off the trackpad when you're doing a lot of typing. She can also adjust the sensitivity of the trackpad. It could also be that the trackpad is dirty, or that it's static electricity causing it. She can just plug in a separate keyboard via USB and see if it happens. If it does, then there's a hardware issue.

The chatroom found a page at about this issue.

Watch Rose from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Rose says her Facebook has been hacked. She keeps changing it, but she's still having issues with her Facebook account posting things and tagging everyone she knows. Leo says that in the past, Facebook has had security issues with accounts being hacked, but as far as he knows, they've fixed all the exploits. So here's a few things Rose can try:

She should turn on 2nd Factor Authentication. Then she should go into her app settings and disconnect all the apps listed. That's likely where the breach is coming from. Also, in the app settings, she can look to see where she is logged into Facebook. It could also be a browser plugin, so she should remove those. Something is likely on the laptop that is using Facebook to spam. She should also clear her browser or reset it. Uninstall Java and Flash as well. Leo also recommends a program called Little Snitch. It'll watch outbound traffic and let her know if something is running on her computer and sending outbound traffic.

A long shot is that her computer could be hacked via remote access. Rose could try disconnecting her computer from the internet for a few days and see if it persists. If it doesn't, then she'll know her computer has been hacked. But it's unlikely because Rose has a Mac.

Leo also says that if she uses the https URL, then it should put her in a secure mode when she goes on Facebook. She can click on the padlock and check the certificate. If it's not from Facebook, then there's a man in the middle attack going on using something like Avast.

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Watch David from Central Lake, MI Comments

David is looking for new speakers for parties and to DJ with, but still use at home. He has a budget of $200 to $400. He wants powered speakers, and preferably Bluetooth. Leo says there's a lot out there. The options are actually more cosmetic now -- water proof, sand proof, etc. Generally, the better sound will be expensive and less robust.

JBL makes really good studio monitors. They also make portable Bluetooth speakers, and some are even battery powered. Leo uses Audio Engine. They're excellent, but they're also fragile. David should check out The Wire Cutter. They like the UE Roll 2.

Leo says the Bose Soundlinks also have very good sound. The Riva Turbo X speakers are huge and have long battery life. John in the studio says to look for the Bluetooth Portable PA by ION.

Watch George from Valencia, CA Comments

George bought a new Microsoft Surface Book 3. He was hoping it would be more consistent with Windows 10. How can he turn off the log in and just have it always logged in? Leo says he can type the Windows key + R, and type "Users" and disable the password requirement for logging in. George could also go into the power settings and have it not log out or go to sleep as fast.

In previous versions of Windows, it was possible to hit Windows key, and type "control userpasswords2" and you'd get a hidden dialog box for turning off the login. This still works in Windows 10, so George can do that to disable the login.

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Watch Robert from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Robert got a new modem and now he has a random disconnect problem. He then can't get on the internet. Leo says that it could be that Robert is having issues with the router in the modem. He should go into the settings and make sure to turn off the router option. It could be running into competing routers. Leo says that the ISP could be changing the settings remotely as well. That's why Leo advises buying his own DOCSIS III modem. Another thing to do is check the network settings to see if his computer is configured to act as a router. If so, that would point to malware.

Watch Lamarty from Bellflower, CA Comments

Lamarty wants to know what happened to the Note 6. Leo says that Samsung skipped it, wanting to even the numeric sequences between the S series and the Note series. But they're also changing the power plug. Leo says that's a good thing. It's the Type C connector, and it will be good because it can't be inserted incorrectly. He could just plug it in either way. It's also much more versatile. All manufacturers will be going towards it except Apple, which did the same thing with its Lightning connector. Leo also says that like the iPhone 7, future Android phones may eliminate the headphone jack because of it.

There's some great Type C cords out there and he'll have to avoid the bad ones. That's why Leo recommends buying them on Amazon.

Watch CC from Fullerton, CA Comments

CC is retired and is into YouTube videos now, but lately he's getting notifications to watch videos on HTML5. How can he watch those? Leo says that any browser can stream HTML5. YouTube has converted all videos to HTML5 now. If he right clicks on the video, it'll give him information on what kind of video is playing.

The chatroom says that CC could have installed a player as its default player and that's causing the confusion. CC should look in his browser menu and go to add-ons. If he finds one there, he should disable it.

Watch Vidac from Sacramento, CA Comments

Vidac is an international student looking to get into radio. He's studying radio and TV production in school. He's visually impaired and needs a digital voice recorder for lectures. Leo says if they can let him put the mic on the podium where the teacher lectures, then any voice recorder will work. He got the Olympus DS-3500. Leo says that's a common model and Vidac says it's terrible.

ZOOM is a better option. Podcasters and radio people use them. The Zoom H1 is very affordable and has great microphones. He could also turn an iPhone into a recorder with the Rode iXY microphone that plugs in via the lightning connector.