Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1313 (19:18)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott has an article on about how to watch the Olympics in 4K. The games are being shot in 8K by NHK for Japan, then downrezed to 4K since nobody has an 8K display.

Leo also got the new LG B Series 4K TV. He says it looks too real, like you're watching the episode being made, rather than enjoying the story. Scott says that's because we've gotten used to how movies and TV look at 24p, or 30p on TV. Great for sports, but not great for watching Marco Polo on Netflix.

Scott also says that filmmakers have exceeded the capabilities to showcase it at high frame rate. The new film Long Halftime Walk was shot in 8K at 120 fps. Scott asked the studio where it would be shown that way, and they said nowhere. It's exceeded the projected capabilities of commercial cinema. You could see it at 4K at 60fps or 2K at 120fps. But not in 8K.