How can I build my own home theater?

Episode 1313 (1:24:19)

Diego from Fullerton, CA

Diego is going to transform one of his bedrooms into a home theater. He's budgeting about $30,000 to $40,000. Leo says his first decision is between direct view or projection. Projection can go bigger by just moving it back. If he can darken the room, it's the ideal option. He will want a projector that can handle the distance (called 'throw') to get it as large as he wants. Then he'll want to get a screen. One option is to paint his wall with special paint that reflects.

Leo recommends checking out AVSForum for tips. There's also some great articles there.

How about a home theater system? Leo says at that budget, he'll want to go with Dolby Atmos at Home in 7.2. Sound is equally as important as the image.