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Watch Ron from Charlotte, NC Comments

Ron wants to know if you can set Outlook to be the default email app on his Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. Leo says that there's a section in the phone's settings where he can choose default apps. It will depend on whether or not Samsung allows it, though. If it was a pure Android phone like the Nexus, then it's definitely possible. If he can't choose it in the default apps, he can always use Nova Launcher in the Google Play store. It'll let him set up his phone the way he wants.

Watch Paul from Scottsdale, AZ Comments

Paul's friend is getting married in Italy and they want to know how they can get internet in their room. Leo says to go to There, he can find where to go to get a MiFi card. A MiFi is a small credit card sized device that gets internet from a cellular network and turns that signal into Wi-Fi. That way he can pay through a local carrier in Italy and not pay international data roaming fees. Leo says to turn off international data roaming on their phones when they go oversees. Otherwise they'll end up with a huge phone bill when they get back.

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Watch Brad from San Jose, CA Comments

Brad built a computer running Windows and now it just shuts down while he's still using it. Leo says it sounds like a bad power supply. Brad replaced it, though. Leo says that's the downside of building his own machine -- he'll have to hunt down the problem himself. Leo suspects that since the power supply didn't fix it, the motherboard is probably the culprit. It could have been from a power surge. He should try replacing the battery for the BIOS and see if that resets it. If that doesn't work, it could be the motherboard. The next thing to address would be the CPU.

Watch Tom from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Tom wants to make sure his wireless router is secure. Leo says the only thing Tom really needs to do is turn on WPA2 encryption. It's in the router setup, which can usually be accessed at He should turn on WPA2 and give it a password that isn't obvious. Once that's turned on, all the traffic is encrypted.

If he wants to take the next step, he could use a VPN or virtual private network. This is essentially an encrypted tunnel through the internet that will prevent anyone else from seeing his traffic online. At some point, though, the traffic has to go public again. A VPN will protect him at "the first mile." He could set up a VPN server with his router and then surf through his own network, or he can use a commercial VPN service.

Another option is to use the Tiny Hardware Firewall, which is a portable hardware VPN that he can take anywhere and protect himself.

Watch Sally from Pomona, CA Comments

Sally has a cable bundle with a billed shared speed of 300 Mbps. She doesn't think she's getting that, though. Leo says she probably isn't, at least not all the time. The key is the phrase "up to." Sally can run to see what she actually gets.

Sally is looking at a bundle with Frontier instead. They're offering 30Mbps and it's not shared. Leo says that technically everything is shared and it won't be a guarantee it'll be better. In fact, the internet will always slow down around 7pm when everyone is streaming netflix. Frontier doesn't have a good reputation since they took over Verizon. Leo thinks she should stick with what she has.

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Watch Diego from Fullerton, CA Comments

Diego is going to transform one of his bedrooms into a home theater. He's budgeting about $30,000 to $40,000. Leo says his first decision is between direct view or projection. Projection can go bigger by just moving it back. If he can darken the room, it's the ideal option. He will want a projector that can handle the distance (called 'throw') to get it as large as he wants. Then he'll want to get a screen. One option is to paint his wall with special paint that reflects.

Leo recommends checking out AVSForum for tips. There's also some great articles there.

How about a home theater system? Leo says at that budget, he'll want to go with Dolby Atmos at Home in 7.2. Sound is equally as important as the image.

Watch Becky from Panama City, FL Comments

Becky's new tablet freezes up every time she tries to connect to the internet. Leo says to try connecting to another internet portal like a Wi-Fi hotspot and see what happens. If it doesn't work there either, then there's definitely an issue. It sounds like a hardware problem. The antenna may have gotten loose or a connection may have broken. Since Becky is on a budget, Leo recommends going to Samsung and looking at their refurbished section. She can save some money that way.

One possibility is a USB-to-go cable that will enable her to plug it into a USB port to connect it to an ethernet port like a Wi-Fi router, which costs about $30.

Watch Jerry from Hatfield, PA Comments

Jerry has been using RealPlayer, but he needs to reinstall it. How can he find it? Leo says is an option, but he can also go to RealPlayer's support page.

Watch Joseph from Downey, CA Comments

Joseph has an LG Nexus 5. Leo says it was a really good phone. It hasn't been having very good battery life with Marshmallow, but it seems to reboot by itself. Leo says that points to a hardware issue, but it may also be a bad upgrade. He advises doing a complete factory reset. If the problems persist, then it's definitely a hardware issue and it's time to get a new phone.

How can Joseph backup his phone? Leo says it's not a big deal, Google will secure the apps for him, but he'll want to enable the backup to Google option in settings. He should do that first, and then reset to the factory state. Then run it for awhile without any other apps. If that works OK, then he'll know it's a bad app.

The OnePlus 3 and Axon 7 are both great phones if he needs to upgrade.

Watch Joe from Spring Valley Lake Comments

Joe bought a Lenovo laptop and wants to know what the benefit is of Windows 10. It seems to be slower than Windows 7. Leo recommends rebuilding the machine with Windows 7 and starting over. He can also speed it up with an SSD.