Why does iTunes delete my movies?

Episode 1312 (2:05:00)

Sam from North Carolina

Sam used to have Windows Home Server, but since Microsoft killed it, he's been looking for an alternative and found Drive Bender. It uses a technique called Drive Pooling and it enables him to hotswap drives and rebuild them so he doesn't lose data when a drive fails.

Sam is frustrated that iTunes will randomly delete his video files. Is there a limit to how many he can have? Leo says no, there shouldn't be. But the problem is that Apple hasn't really updated the junky architecture, and it's an awful program now. They need to rebuild it from the ground up. One possibility is that if the license expires on a digital purchase, iTunes could simply reach in and delete it. He doesn't really own what he buys from iTunes and others. He's just buying a license to watch it. Leo says that this kind of nonsense is what drives piracy.