How can I make videos available for download?

Episode 1312 (26:53)

Brian from Santa Barbara, CA

Brian has a physics blog and wants to make videos available for people to download, but YouTube doesn't allow for that. Leo says that Vimeo can do it, and it gives users the options of mobile, SD and HD quality. He'll have to create a separate Vimeo account to log in, but it's free. There are third party download options. Leo says most students won't really want to download the video, they'll just save it to a playlist.

The other option is to put it on a file sharing site like DropBox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3. There's a price comparison of these services here. They're cheap to store files on. Amazon drive is unlimited if he has a prime account. That's the most affordable.

Check out Brian's blog "Of Tech and Learning" at He should also check out LibSyn.