Why does my computer crash when I close a program?

Episode 1311 (1:52:24)

Mike from Huntington Beach, CA

Mike's home built computer crashes when he closes a program. The screen turns black and hangs up. It doesn't work again unless he reboots it. Leo says that's the hassle with building his own -- he has to eliminate each issue. Leo says the first thing to do is update his video card driver. He thinks it may be a bad driver. Leo says he can try booting to a USB key with Ubuntu on it and try to repeat the issue. If it repeats, he'll know it's a hardware issue. If it doesn't, he'll know it's a software issue.

Mike needs to get the reference driver from NVidia, or a driver from the company that made the card. Then Microsoft has a third certified driver. Try each one to see what happens. Leo's betting it's just a bad driver. Doctor Mom says to reboot Windows into safe mode and then try and repeat the problem. That'll tell him for sure whether or not it's a driver issue.