How can I prevent a DDoS attack?

Episode 1311 (1:57:35)

Tyler from Lake Forest, CA

Tyler does a lot of social media through YouTube and Twitch and he's been hit by a DDoS attack. Leo says that those attacks are easy and are usually done by a troll who has an axe to grind. But they can't go after Twitch, so he's attacking his personal IP address. Leo says to call the ISP and request a new address. Running through a VPN will prevent it since it's an encrypted tunnel and they can't see the IP.

Is there any other measure he can take? Leo says there are routers that can protect him as well. If he's in a chatroom, his IP gets logged. So they could have gotten it that way. Or if he's Skyped with them, then they can also get it that way. Either way, they know Tyler. The chatroom says he can spoof the MAC address on his router and it will change his IP.