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Watch Mark from Redlands, CA Comments

Mark just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. He likes it, but he misses the infrared features. Is there any alternative to that? Leo says Samsung probably took the feature out because there are third party devices that do a much better job.

Usually you would connect to an IR blaster via Bluetooth and it then translates the instructions to the TV. The device is called Blumoo Smart Control Device. It connects to a phone via Bluetooth, but it can also support the Amazon Echo, so Mark can have it talk to his TV.

Watch Jason from San Clemente, CA Comments

Jason was at the genius bar at the Apple Store yesterday with his MacBook Pro and he wants to know if Time Machine would be better than Carbonite. Leo says absolutely not. Carbonite is better because it's off site. If his house burns down, Time Machine won't really help him. Carbonite will only work when he's not doing anything. That way it won't take up resources when he needs them to. It's designed to be "nice." The Genius complained that it was using 100% of the processing power, but Leo says that's because the computer wasn't doing anything at the time.

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Watch Chip from Philadelphia, PA Comments

Chip has a Samsung Galaxy S5 & S3 and his images are disappearing, in lieu of so called "no media" files. Leo says that usually indicates that the internal storage is failing. Leo says he's not supposed to see the no media files at all. So if they're appearing, there's definitely an issue. He could try clearing the phone's cache. He should also make sure he accepts the updates. Leo's also suspecting that there's an app on the phones that is causing bad behavior. Bringing the OS up to date can often fix issues like this.

Watch Matt from Sacramento, CA Comments

Matt has a friend who uses Yahoo exclusively and his account has been compromised. Leo says bounce backs happen to all of us. It's called spam scatter. Spammers don't use their return address -- they spoof it with someone else's address. He just got his email selected by the spammer and there's nothing he can do about it. The good news is that sooner or later, they'll move on to a different address.

Watch Bruce from Billings, MT Comments

Bruce wants to know if his friend's website should be using a VPN for secure web access. Leo says that he can, but the first thing web sites should be doing is running a secure site with https. Amazon uses an extended SSL certificate which has a green bar so that it's even more secure for eCommerce. Using a VPN like HotSpot VPN or Tunnel Bear can give him a secure and ecrypted tunnel to a server. That's not going to keep him safe from a website that has been compromised, though. But it will protect him if he's on an open Wi-Fi hotspot.

Watch Pamela from Studio City, CA Comments

Pamela got a replacement Galaxy S5 phone from Samsung, but it came with no battery. Where can she find one? There are reputable third party battery makers out there. Leo says that she can look to Amazon for it. Pam is also due for an upgrade. Should she get an Samsung Galaxy S7? Leo says that the S7 is much better than the S5, but it doesn't have a removable battery. The camera is remarkable, though. Another option is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but the Galaxy S7 is the phone of the year.

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Watch Jim from Missoula, MT Comments

Jim has several Windows 8.1 machines, and the keyboards on seven of them simultaneously stopped working. He found a fix for it, but he's wondering what happened. Leo said that it was probably an HP update that broke the HP keyboard drivers. They have a separate update from Windows that is always running enabling them to push updates on the fly. It sounds like their update ran afoul with Windows and caused the keyboards not to work. To turn off the HP updates, he should type Windows + Q, type "HP Update" and turn it off.

He could just have only one computer running the HP update and when it breaks, he'll know that's an update to ignore. That means he'll have to update them all manually, but it's worth protecting his network that way. It's what IT departments do.

Watch Bob from Burbank, CA Comments

Bob will stream Leo's show and then after going to another show, he'll go back to TWiT and it gets really quiet. Leo says that UStream may be changing the level. There's no standard, so the basic volume can change from Leo's site to UStream. Leo says he'll check the streams in studio to see how it's going out.

Watch Mike from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Mike's home built computer crashes when he closes a program. The screen turns black and hangs up. It doesn't work again unless he reboots it. Leo says that's the hassle with building his own -- he has to eliminate each issue. Leo says the first thing to do is update his video card driver. He thinks it may be a bad driver. Leo says he can try booting to a USB key with Ubuntu on it and try to repeat the issue. If it repeats, he'll know it's a hardware issue. If it doesn't, he'll know it's a software issue.

Mike needs to get the reference driver from NVidia, or a driver from the company that made the card. Then Microsoft has a third certified driver. Try each one to see what happens. Leo's betting it's just a bad driver. Doctor Mom says to reboot Windows into safe mode and then try and repeat the problem. That'll tell him for sure whether or not it's a driver issue.

Watch Tyler from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Tyler does a lot of social media through YouTube and Twitch and he's been hit by a DDoS attack. Leo says that those attacks are easy and are usually done by a troll who has an axe to grind. But they can't go after Twitch, so he's attacking his personal IP address. Leo says to call the ISP and request a new address. Running through a VPN will prevent it since it's an encrypted tunnel and they can't see the IP.

Is there any other measure he can take? Leo says there are routers that can protect him as well. If he's in a chatroom, his IP gets logged. So they could have gotten it that way. Or if he's Skyped with them, then they can also get it that way. Either way, they know Tyler. The chatroom says he can spoof the MAC address on his router and it will change his IP.

Watch Michael from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mike keeps getting a notification of a new email even though he's already read it. Leo says that there's a setting in his mail that will delete email after he downloads it to his phone. That's a POP feature. IMAP should be able to keep the mail on the server and register it as having been read. If it's not doing that, Mike should check his settings. He could also talk to his IMAP provider. They may have an issue. It could be an indexing problem. He should consult this page at for more.