How can I access my photos in iTunes?

Episode 1310 (18:26)

Avatar from Pomona, CA

Avatar is having trouble getting his pictures from his iTunes backup. Leo says that iTunes is a really old program now and Apple really needs to completely rewrite it. There is a backup icon that will enable him to back it up. On a Mac, iTunes will backup everything. On Windows, it backs the images up to "My Pictures" when connecting the phone. Avatar will need a photos app to do what he wants iTunes to do.

iCloud backup does upload photos to the cloud, but he'll have limited backup space of only a few GB before he'll have to pay for it, and if he deletes the photos from the phone, iCloud will also delete them. That's why Leo recommends Google Photos. He'll get unlimited space there. Other options are Flickr, which provides 1TB of free storage. If he uses Microsoft Office 365, he'll get unlimited backup. If he's an Amazon Prime member he'll get storage there as well.