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Watch Sam from San Diego, CA Comments

Sam was having trouble upgrading to Windows 10 and he took his laptop to the Microsoft store nearby and they took good care of him. Leo says that's great news, because it's dawning on companies that they need to pay closer attention to customer service in order to keep their customers.

Watch Avatar from Pomona, CA Comments

Avatar is having trouble getting his pictures from his iTunes backup. Leo says that iTunes is a really old program now and Apple really needs to completely rewrite it. There is a backup icon that will enable him to back it up. On a Mac, iTunes will backup everything. On Windows, it backs the images up to "My Pictures" when connecting the phone. Avatar will need a photos app to do what he wants iTunes to do.

iCloud backup does upload photos to the cloud, but he'll have limited backup space of only a few GB before he'll have to pay for it, and if he deletes the photos from the phone, iCloud will also delete them. That's why Leo recommends Google Photos. He'll get unlimited space there. Other options are Flickr, which provides 1TB of free storage. If he uses Microsoft Office 365, he'll get unlimited backup. If he's an Amazon Prime member he'll get storage there as well.

Watch Lanny from Atlanta, GA Comments

Lanny upgraded to Windows 10 this week to get it for free before the deadline, but now he wants to roll back to Windows 7. How does he do that? Leo says he'll need to go into the recovery control panel and select the roll back option. He'll have 30 days from the day he upgraded to roll it back and Windows will do it for him without having to reinstall it.

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Watch Nick from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Nick's uncle has a bunch of certifications and wants to map out what people make all over the country to figure out what he's worth. Leo says that using Google Maps API can do that without having to buy any mapping data. It will require knowing Java to do it. Google has training at and there's also a tutorial of how to do it at

Watch Lex from Virginia Comments

Lex uses Windows Defender, but he came across a thumb drive and wants to check it to see if it's safe to use. Leo says he really can't. If he plugs it in, and it's infected, it will compromise his system. Firmware can be modified on a thumb drive to contain malware as a payload, and it's undetectable. The worse part is not one USB drive manufacturer has done anything to correct the bug. Wired has a story on it.

Watch Ed from Seal Beach, CA Comments

Ed wants to know if a MacBook is a good laptop just for getting online. Leo says it is, but it's also overkill. We've been conditioned to accept that we need a complicated computer for our general purpose daily computing needs. Leo recommends a Chromebook. They're very secure, and extremely affordable at $200 to $500. For most people's needs, it works just fine.

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Watch Jakai from Atlanta, GA Comments

Jakai built his own super gaming and video editing computer. Now his icons are disappearing in Windows 10. Leo suggests clearing the icon cache. There's also a setting for hiding desktop icons, so that could have been enabled. Multiple monitors could also cause an issue as Windows will have issues knowing where the icons go on which monitor. Jakai should try disconnecting one monitor and see if it all goes back to normal. It may be that there's a corrupted sector on the hard drive.

Leo also recommends just deleting the icon cache and let Windows rebuild it. It could be a corrupted cache file. That can happen if there are too many files in the icon cache folder.

Watch Bernardo from Tri Cities, MI Comments

Bernardo got the Triple Play bundle from Time Warner using the Internet, but he has to send them information from time to time via fax. Leo says that's because of them needing his signature. Leo does a rubber stamp JPG onto a PDF file and sends it to them.

Bernardo will need an online service like eFax to send a digital fax. He'll upload a PDF to them and they send it as a fax. He can subscribe if he uses a lot of faxing or just pay as he goes for a few bucks a fax. The chatroom says that FaxZero is free.

Watch Rick from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Rick has been getting text messages and his friends are getting text messages from him with a link to a YouTube video on phone hacking. The Apple Geniuses say that's impossible. How can that happen? Has his cellphone been hacked?

Leo says he hasn't heard of any way to do that, but why take a chance? There is a known Apple exploit which can be triggered by sending an image from Apple messages. So that's what could have happened here. So it's a good idea to backup his data and erase his phone. If it happens again, it's not that his phone is hacked, but that his phone number has been cloned or spoofed. That does happen as well.