What's the best Chromebook to buy?

Episode 1308 (57:33)

Robert from San Diego, CA
Google Chromebook Pixel

Robert is looking to get a Chromebook. He's looking for a well built model with price being no object. He would also like to have a video display port for when he's at home.Leo says that Google's Chromebook Pixel is the top of the line and it's $1,000. It's also one of three that can also run applications from Android mobile phones. So it's a full blown computer system with 2 million apps.

Robert will also want a Chromebook with a touch screen. He'll want to get at least 4-8GB of RAM with a faster processor like an i5. Storage isn't all that important since he'll work in the cloud, but he can get a 32GB SSD. The ASUS Flip is another option if he wants a tablet.