What is wrong with my router?

Episode 1308 (13:36)

Tony from San Diego, CA
Asus AC3200

Tony's router is starting to get flakey. Leo says that we've become used to using cheap routers. However, the cheaper the router, the faster it will wear out. If Tony buys a better quality router, it'll be more consistent and last longer. Netgear makes good routers.

The problem could also be Tony's modem. He'll want a DOCSIS III modem. For that, Leo likes the Arris Surfboard SB6141 which is $70 on Amazon.

Tony should check out The WireCutter for other recommendations. He should make sure to get a separate modem and router, since the router will wear out over time. The modem won't.

Asus makes a really good router as well, with the AC3200. It will allow him to put open source firmware on it that gets updated regularly, unlike the existing firmware that never gets updated by a cheap router company. Those include Tomato and DD-WRT.

There is a new type of router coming to market as well, including the Plume and Eero. For the more sophisticated users, Ubiquity is a good option.