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Watch Matthew from Menaffee, CA Comments

Matthew has a Facebook page for his business and he complains that negative reports wreak havoc on their page and he can't get access to moderate it. Leo says that Facebook is ultimately the moderator, but at a billion and a half users, it can be problematic to get Facebook to do things. Most of it is now automated. There are better places like Google Groups, Google Plus, or he could even create his own custom forum that gives him more control.

Watch Louis from Hollywood, CA Comments

Louis thinks that people really need to pay attention while they are playing Pokémon Go. They're going into places they shouldn't be and are getting into trouble. Leo agrees and says people need to be aware of their surroundings, and understand that there are plenty of Pokémon everywhere. People can put the phone on power saving mode and it will vibrate when there's a Pokémon in their area. So just can walk as you normally would and when a Pokemon is near, you'll know it and can stop and catch it.

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Watch Bob from San Jose, CA Comments

Bob has been ripping DVDs for his personal use and putting them on a Plex server so he can stream them from his network. But since his network uses older PCs, it's taking up a lot of energy. Can he use a Raspberry Pi to use less energy?

Leo says he can, and he can even use a NUC server. Plex has a Raspberry Pi plugin called RasPlex, and that's where Bob can go. There's also one for XBMC as well. The Raspberry Pi 3 is very fast and powerful, but also low powered.

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris is having problems with the keychain password feature of his iPhone. He can't change the phone number associated with his keychain on any of his devices. Leo says that is a recovery feature that will send a recovery code via SMS to change his passwords. Leo says that second factor authentication is an important thing. If he has to get rid of the number, simply deleting it is what Apple recommends. They've also had trouble with keychain, though. Apple support may be needed and have them reset the keychain from their end.

Watch Matt from Irvine, CA Comments

Matt wants to know how to get rid of his photos on Google Drive. He uses Google Photos, but there are photos on his Google Drive that's causing it to go up against his limit. He doesn't know how to find them so he can delete them.

ScooterX in the chatroom says that using will give him a list of what each item in his Google Drive is counting against his quota. He can also click in the settings and it will allow him to compress his data and recover some storage space.

Watch Don from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Don wants to create a master boot disc using Ubuntu. Leo says it's a great idea and he recommends it highly. The advantage is that Ubuntu is free, more secure, and it won't bother you to upgrade. Leo says it's every bit as easy to use, too.

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Watch Kevin from Granada Hills, CA Comments

Kevin would like to get organized and wants a good program to be able to make lists and order them in priority. Leo says there are as many options as there are people. On iOS there's Things, which is about $10, and Leo likes it. Things uses the Getting Things Done methodology. Ideally, Kevin will want one that will work across platform.

There's also OmniFocus. What Leo's discovered, though, is that people like to create methodologies to get things done, but not necessarily to get things done. In the end, the simple principal is to get stuff you have to do out of your head and into a custom interface to manage it.

A simple and elegant one is called Clear. It's only $5, but it doesn't have a desktop component, and it should.

Web based services include Remember the Milk, and Google Keep. Both are free.

Watch Al from Vista, CA Comments

Al wants to know if he should upgrade to Windows 10 because he's getting tired of the reminders. Leo says that Windows 10 is the last OS that Microsoft plans to release and it will be consistently upgraded. He can disable the reminders, but he should remember that after this month, Windows 10 will no longer be a free upgrade. He should upgrade to get Windows 10 tied to his computer, and then he can downgrade back to his previous version. That way he'll have a window into the future.

Al also wants to know if he can do a script that will enable him to travel virtually using Google Maps or Google Earth. Leo says that would be a great idea, but he hasn't heard of one.

Watch Doug from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Doug has tried to rip CDs to make MP3s with Windows Media Player and he can't do it. Leo says it depends on his phone. On Android, he can connect the phone to USB and select Target Disk Mode or Mass storage device. Then he can just drag and drop the files.