What's the best device for streaming to my TV?

Episode 1306 (1:46:43)

Stana from Green Bay, WI
Roku 4

Stana cut the cord and is going to watch TV by streaming online from now on. There's a few cable channels she wants, though. What's her best option? Leo says she could get some channels over the air by putting up an antenna if she's in the right location. Some channels offer services through stand alone apps, but she'll have to pay for them. HBO, for instance, has HBO Now, which she can subscribe to on the Apple TV and Roku. If she's already a cable subscriber, then she can use HBO Go, which enables her to watch it on cable and online. It's a bit confusing. Now that Stana has cut the cord, though, she can use HBO Now. Others will just stream for free a week after the programs have appeared on air.

CBS has a live program component with a mobile device, as does CNN, so she could AirPlay it with Apple TV. Android uses Chromecast, a $35 dongle that streams from the TV's HDMI port.

If Leo had to choose, Leo says that Roku is the best. Leo also says to pick up the Chromecast so she can watch stuff on her TV from a mobile device.