How can I game against someone who uses a different game platform?

Episode 1306 (18:48)

Jacob from Arkansas

Jacob and a friend have two different game platforms, a PC and an XBox One. How can they play together? Leo says it can be tough to cross platforms because people using a PC have an advantage playing some games, while people who use a game controllers have advantages for driving games. It may also be that the servers are different for each platform. Leo says there may be games that allow them to be cross platform. He'd just have to find them.

The chatroom has bad news. The game Jacob likes is called Ark, and it's available on Steam. Steam says cross-platform play is not available, and even the updates aren't in sync. They also have their own servers.

This is changing though. Microsoft wants to make its Minecraft platform neutral, so it doesn't matter if you're playing on a PC, PS4 or XBox One. So if that takes off, it could change gaming forever.