Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1306 (1:18:33)

Chris Marquardt

Today's topic is the second in a series that Chris calls "Photographic Super Powers." Today it's about shooting panoramic. Many new cameras and smartphones have a panoramic feature built in, so it becomes really easy to shoot an amazing pano and automatically stitch them together. Chris says taking individual shots and then stitching them together can be a fun challenge. Here's a few tips:

1. Shoot in portrait format for more height.
2. Overlap your images as you shoot.
3. Shoot in manual white balance so the camera doesn't adjust from image to image. This will help in stitching together.
4. Set manual focus so the camera doesn't change focus according to distance. Choose what's important in the image and focus on that from shot to shot.
5. Set manual exposure so the light is consistent from shot to shot.
6. Take marker pictures in the beginning and in the end, so that you'll know when the sequence begins and ends when you're in your photo management software. Chris uses a thumbs up.

You can use your automatic settings as a kind of light meter, making note of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Then go into manual and use those values. Then once you've shot all your images, you can use features in Photoshop to stitch them together. Photoshop has gotten to the point where it can even remove "ghost images" that start in one picture but disappear in another.