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Watch Jacob from Arkansas Comments

Jacob and a friend have two different game platforms, a PC and an XBox One. How can they play together? Leo says it can be tough to cross platforms because people using a PC have an advantage playing some games, while people who use a game controllers have advantages for driving games. It may also be that the servers are different for each platform. Leo says there may be games that allow them to be cross platform. He'd just have to find them.

The chatroom has bad news. The game Jacob likes is called Ark, and it's available on Steam. Steam says cross-platform play is not available, and even the updates aren't in sync. They also have their own servers.

This is changing though. Microsoft wants to make its Minecraft platform neutral, so it doesn't matter if you're playing on a PC, PS4 or XBox One. So if that takes off, it could change gaming forever.

Watch Richard from West LA, CA Comments

Richard made a video a few years ago that he uploaded to Picasa. He has tried to burn it onto DVD and all he gets is a still image for the entire DVD. He tried to duplicate the DVD with Handbrake but he couldn't download it. Leo says to be sure to get Handbrake directly from Handbrake.FR. He'll also need VideoLan Media Client. They both work together to create the DVD.

Leo also says that Google transferred the video to Google Photos automatically when it killed Picasa in favor of Google Photos. So Richard should check his Photos account. Then he can download it and burn it directly.

The Chatroom says to right click the entry in Picasa and select locate. It will tell him where the original file is.

Watch Tom from New Hampshire Comments

Tom is blind and he bought the Amazon Echo Tap during Prime Day this week. He's interested in adding Skills. Leo says that Skills are extensions that add functions to the Echo and it's fairly easy to write a skill using their cloud based platform. They are limited in how you can implement them, though. Amazon also has an Alexa Skills Store that Tom can search. As it gets more capable, he'll be able to find more skills.

Watch Clinton from Calgary, Alberta, Canada Comments

Clinton has a minivan with a DVD player and HDMI ports. He got an ATSC converter and an $8 antenna from Amazon so he can get over the air broadcasts. Now he wants to use his Raspberry Pi as a media center. He'll probably want to run OSMC, the Open Source Media Center, which is designed for Raspberry Pi. It's based on the old Xbox Media Center. Raspberry Pi doesn't have any way to capture video, though, so he'll need to find a way to do that.

Clinton also wants to know if he can configure it and resell it. Leo says he can absolutely do that, and often times that's the business model for open source software.

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Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris has a friend who is using the beta version of iOS 10. How can he get it? Leo says that iOS 10 is a public beta and he can sign up and download it from Apple at Chris should understand that this is pre-release software and it could cause some of his software and apps to stop working. It may also make his iPhone unreliable.

This is a controversial update, and it won't really be all that useful now because many of the functions will only work with other iOS 10 Beta users. Chris can help provide feedback during the development until it's release, though. Leo has it on his iPhone and he likes it, but his main phone is an Android phone, so he doesn't have to rely on it day to day. That's why Leo says that if it's his main phone, he'd advise against upgrading until the final release this fall.

Watch Richard from Sonoma, CA Comments

Richard has a Google Nexus 9 and signed up for the beta program for Google N, but he can't get past Google. Has be bricked it? Leo says no, he can't really brick it that way. Leo says to go into recovery mode and back out of it. He'll also have to wipe his data and cache. Richard will have to download the drivers, do an ADB, and then download and install the Nexus 9 image. He can also try reinstalling the N Dev again, since maybe it was a bad download.

Leo also suggests going to XDA-Developers. Richard will find some good advice on how to fix this issue there.

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Watch Stana from Green Bay, WI Comments

Stana cut the cord and is going to watch TV by streaming online from now on. There's a few cable channels she wants, though. What's her best option? Leo says she could get some channels over the air by putting up an antenna if she's in the right location. Some channels offer services through stand alone apps, but she'll have to pay for them. HBO, for instance, has HBO Now, which she can subscribe to on the Apple TV and Roku. If she's already a cable subscriber, then she can use HBO Go, which enables her to watch it on cable and online. It's a bit confusing. Now that Stana has cut the cord, though, she can use HBO Now. Others will just stream for free a week after the programs have appeared on air.

CBS has a live program component with a mobile device, as does CNN, so she could AirPlay it with Apple TV. Android uses Chromecast, a $35 dongle that streams from the TV's HDMI port.

If Leo had to choose, Leo says that Roku is the best. Leo also says to pick up the Chromecast so she can watch stuff on her TV from a mobile device.

Watch Tony from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Tony has a Windows 7 laptop and he wants to replace the hard drive with an SSD and then dual boot with Windows 10. Leo says it's completely doable. Leo recommends backing up his data and then replacing the drive. Then he can do a clean install of Windows 7, and then do the Windows 10 upgrade. Then he can also choose a dual boot option.

There are a few pitfalls doing this, though. Leo recommends Googling "Windows 10 dual boot" for tips.

Watch Tom from St Louis, MO Comments

Tom has installed Kodi on his Amazon Fire TV. This used to be Xbox Media Center, or XBMC. He's wondering how this can make money if it's free to use. Leo says it's an open source project. Developers may not do it for money, but they do it for recognition or just because they wanted it badly enough. They might also get jobs from it. This all started with Linus Torvalds who wrote Linux in 1992. He kept the copyright but gave it away. The internet also made it possible for programmers to work on a project together without having to be in the same physical location.

There is a donate button on the Kodi website, though. A lot of people will give money to the projects they care about, but it's not necessary. There are other ways to make money through open source software, too. Some of the Kodi developers may make money integrating Kodi systems and supporting it.

Is Kodi legal to use? Leo says yes it is, although there are ways it could be used illegally. It can be used with BitTorrent, which is also legal by itself, but it could be used to download movies illegally.

Watch Tom from St Louis, MO Comments

Tom is wondering if it's necessary for him to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Leo says if he uses Wi-Fi in public, or he uses networks while traveling, he's somewhat vulnerable because he's on a public network that bad guys can get into. They can't necessarily spy on him, but they could trick him by putting up fake access points. A VPN sets up a connection between his computer on a public access network and a computer somewhere else run by a trusted party. All the data transferred over a VPN is encrypted so it isn't visible by anyone else on that network. Leo even uses a hardware device called the Tiny Hardware Firewall so that no one can even see his machine on the network. Leo has lately become more concerned about dangers of using public networks, but most of what we do is most likely already encrypted online such as banking and email.

On his home network, it isn't as necessary to have a VPN. The only one who can spy on him on his home network is his internet service provider. They can see everything that he does. Some are worse than others when it comes to this.

Watch Kevin from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Kevin is going to be studying film abroad for his senior year in college. He needs to raise funds to travel to Great Britain for school. He's thinking of starting a GoFundMe campaign and using crowdfunding to do it. Leo says why not? Surely there are people who would chip in to get Kevin there. He shouldn't expect strangers to chip in, but friends and family, and maybe friends of friends would do it. GoFundMe will take a piece of the pie though, so he should factor that in on his goal.

Watch Candy from Palmdale, CA Comments

Candy has a new laptop and it keeps crashing when she uses a specific photo editing program. Leo says that the program is probably poorly written. Leo recommends trying Aviary. It's quite good and she can save her photos on Google Photos.