Why do I get an error message when I turn on my computer?

Episode 1305 (35:28)

Gloria from North Hollywood, CA

Gloria's Acer Windows 7 computer has an error code which pops up when she turns it on. Leo says that is a known error with Acer computers that points to an issue with the BIOS. The BIOS is a chip with a small program in it that runs immediately after turning it on. If there's an error message, it sounds like it could be corrupted or damaged. It could also be causing Gloria's inability to install Windows 10.

Leo says that resetting and updating the BIOS could solve it. Although, it could be a dead battery in the motherboard that's causing it. The chatroom says it could be a keyboard error. Gloria should unplug the keyboard and reboot. If the error doesn't pop up, then she can plug the keyboard back in and it will reinstall the USB drivers for the keyboard. Then she can try installing Windows 10 again.

Another solution would be to backup her data, format her drive, and then reinstall Windows 7. Then she should be able to install Windows 10 with no problems.