Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1305 (1:07:55)

Johnny Jet

Johnny says that the US has banned all Turkish Airlines traffic into the US because on top of the attempted coup, passengers have been able to board without being screened. Johnny says that if you're left stranded, you can try and have your ticket reissued through one of Turkish Airlines' partner airlines. Absent that, you'll eventually get a refund on your ticket, so you can buy another ticket with a discount airline to get you out of Turkey. Or you can take a boat to Greece, or even a train. The best thing to do if you're trapped in Turkey is to lay low. Stay indoors or go to the embassy.

It shouldn't take too long before it blows over though. Johnny says this is why trip cancellation insurance is important when you're traveling overseas. You have to read the fine print to make sure you can cancel for any reason. Allianz is one of the best and they are in every country. The cost is usually about 10% of your airfare.

This week's website: DealRay. $10 a month with text message for great deals on airfare. Also when you get there, you should see if you can buy an upgrade. The trend is for bidding on upgrades.

This week's app: Piper Tip App. This is iOS only, but teaches you how to tip wherever you're at.