How can I get rid of telemarketers?

Episode 1305 (1:40:27)

Jerry from Pennsylvania

Jerry is using a MagicJack VOiP phone. Leo says it's very affordable at $20 a year. Jerry keeps getting telemarketer calls, though. Is there something that can block that? Leo says that telemarketers are using random dialers to call numbers, or they use lists that have been sold to them. The Feds have the DoNotCall registry, but that doesn't work for telemarketers who operate outside of the country. There isn't really a device that can block incoming unsolicited calls, but Leo advises using Google Voice. It has screening and he can tie it to his phone. It will also allow him to require the caller to announce themselves. When telemarketers hear that, they hang up. It would mean using a different number though, but it's worth it.

The chatroom says that there's a service and device called NoMoRobo, which is supposed to get rid of telemarketing. It's $5 a month for mobile plus landline and VOiP. There's also the Jolly Roger Telephone which he can conference in the call and then let it drive the telemarketer insane wasting their time.