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Watch David from Wichita Falls, TX Comments

David has a Dell XPS 11 and he keeps getting an error message when he plugs in his external drive. Leo says that there's a little piece of software from the external drive that is essentially an ad for Western Digital. He doesn't need it. Leo advises rebooting, then plugging the drive back in. Windows will then reinstall the driver and it should work.

Watch Gloria from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Gloria's Acer Windows 7 computer has an error code which pops up when she turns it on. Leo says that is a known error with Acer computers that points to an issue with the BIOS. The BIOS is a chip with a small program in it that runs immediately after turning it on. If there's an error message, it sounds like it could be corrupted or damaged. It could also be causing Gloria's inability to install Windows 10.

Leo says that resetting and updating the BIOS could solve it. Although, it could be a dead battery in the motherboard that's causing it. The chatroom says it could be a keyboard error. Gloria should unplug the keyboard and reboot. If the error doesn't pop up, then she can plug the keyboard back in and it will reinstall the USB drivers for the keyboard. Then she can try installing Windows 10 again.

Another solution would be to backup her data, format her drive, and then reinstall Windows 7. Then she should be able to install Windows 10 with no problems.

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Watch Mark from Honolulu, HI Comments

Mark is looking for a new web host now that his hosting fees have tripled. Leo says that Mark got an introductory offer and then when that expired, he started to get charged the regular rate. Fortunately for Mark, he uses Wordpress on his site and he can just move it. The cost isn't really that bad so he could just pay the $12 a month hosting charge, or he could shop around. SquareSpace is a sponsor and Leo says that they provide excellent service and has the ability to scale as he gets more popular.

Leo says to look for hosts that specialize in Wordpress.

(Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor)

Watch Hal from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Hal bought a new HP and recently it's been running very slow. Leo says that if Hal is running third party security software, then it's likely that his antivirus is causing the slow down. Leo advises getting rid of it. Windows' own Microsoft Defender security software is good enough. He'll also find that he may have to download their uninstaller to do it.

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Watch Ian from Fort Lauderdale, FL Comments

Ian would like to record himself during the day. He was thinking of using a used Google Glass. Leo says to be careful of that because Google Glass is tied to a Google account and he may end up not being able to use it. One solution is the Narrative Clip, which will record every 30 seconds and he'd wear it around his neck. He can find it at It has an 8MP camera and can record HD video. It costs $199.

Another option is to wear a GoPro. He can not only set it to time lapse and video, but he could pair it to his mobile phone and do a live video stream via Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube, and more. Samsung also has a 360 degree camera that they are coming out with that will stream live through the phone. That's coming out in the fall. There's also the Ricoh Theta S.

Leo also says there may be consent laws at play where Ian is going and he should check the local laws to make sure he's in compliance.

Watch Jerry from Pennsylvania Comments

Jerry is using a MagicJack VOiP phone. Leo says it's very affordable at $20 a year. Jerry keeps getting telemarketer calls, though. Is there something that can block that? Leo says that telemarketers are using random dialers to call numbers, or they use lists that have been sold to them. The Feds have the DoNotCall registry, but that doesn't work for telemarketers who operate outside of the country. There isn't really a device that can block incoming unsolicited calls, but Leo advises using Google Voice. It has screening and he can tie it to his phone. It will also allow him to require the caller to announce themselves. When telemarketers hear that, they hang up. It would mean using a different number though, but it's worth it.

The chatroom says that there's a service and device called NoMoRobo, which is supposed to get rid of telemarketing. It's $5 a month for mobile plus landline and VOiP. There's also the Jolly Roger Telephone which he can conference in the call and then let it drive the telemarketer insane wasting their time.

Watch JB from Placerville, CA Comments

JB has an iPhone and he wants to erase all the email from GMail. How can he do it all at once? Leo says that the mail is stored on the Gmail server, and not on his phone. So he doesn't have to worry about emails filling up his phone storage. It's just a window to the server and when he taps on it to read it, that's when the email gets downloaded. One thing JB can do is go into Settings > General > Storage and iCloud Usage > Manage Storage and then look at how much space each app is taking up.

Watch Ed from Crossville, TN Comments

Ed is blind and he's sad that Pokémon Go isn't accessible to the blind. He thinks that if Pokémon put in an audio tone targeting system, then those who can't see would be able to play. Leo says that's a great idea. Accessibility is very important and smartphones have gotten very good at being accessible, so there's no reason why a game like Pokémon shouldn't be.