How much bandwidth do I need to stream Apple TV?

Episode 1304 (1:37:18)

Newt from Aliso Viejo, California
Apple TV

Newt is getting a new Apple TV from his son, who says it doesn't work for him. Leo says it should if he has internet. Newt says that their internet just isn't good enough to handle video streaming. He's also using up all his data. Leo says that doesn't have anything to do with Apple TV, it's just lousy internet. It's capped internet at that.

Is he using cellular? Or maybe satellite? Leo says he'll need a consistent 5MB down in order to stream in HD. The truth is that bandwidth isn't really the problem, it's the ISPs that want to shake customers down for more money. It sounds like he lives in a rural area and cellular companies with LTE may be an option.