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Watch Frank from Pacifica, CA Comments

Frank was sold on the notion that DSL was always on, but he's had cases where it get drops out quite often. Leo says that by comparison to dial up, DSL is always on. The drop outs are possibly due to being too far away form the central hub, as the farther away, the worse it gets. It could also be a signal that his router is starting to fail.

He should replace his router every few years, and a cheap router is going to go out faster than a more expensive one. He should spent $100 to $200 if he's using Wi-Fi. Leo recommends ASUS or Eero, but that's $500. Leo recommends spending some time at for tips on the best routers with reviews.

Watch Peter from San Diego, CA Comments

Peter has been having trouble with Windows Vista taking forever to check for updates and download. Should he reset Windows Update? Leo says to be careful about that. There can be a blocked update and Microsoft has a fix for that. A failed update can block any future updates and he'll have to get rid of that update and start over. Leo says he can also do an offline update. Peter can download the service pack and update it manually. Leo says that eventually, he's going to want to run Windows 10. He'll have to buy it, but it would be worth it. He should at least get Windows 7. A lot of problems go away when you're on the current version of Windows.

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Watch Mark from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mark is finding that links aren't changing color anymore. Leo says that with the advent of CSS, links have stopped changing colors and just remain the same color, unless specified in the style sheet settings. One option could be to use the accessibility settings in Chrome to make that change. Google search will change link colors. A feature could be turned off in his browser. He may want to try resetting it. The chatroom says that when you're in incognito mode, the color won't change.

Watch Glen from Winnetka, CA Comments

Glen wants to dual boot with Windows 7 and 10. Leo says it can be done. He can do the download and it should ask him if he wants to install Windows side by side. Will he be able to update both? Leo says absolutely. It'll be free, too, since the license is associated with the hardware and not the user. He'll have to update within the version he's using, though.

Glen should create his partition first. Then go into the Windows installer and choose the dual boot side by side option.

Watch Linda from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Linda has a Sony Vaio laptop and after a system restore, it's asking her to install PCI Modem hardware. Leo says the new version of Windows doesn't have the drivers for her hardware and is asking her for it. She should search Sony's website and download the latest drivers.

Watch Ben from Fresno, CA Comments

Ben says that Windows 10 has extended the free update for accessibility users who need screen readers to use Windows because Microsoft is still having trouble adapting screen readers to it. Leo says that's great news. Eventually they'll work out the bugs and it's a great thing that Microsoft knows they have to keep offering the free update to screen readers until they do.

Watch Brad from Lancaster, CA Comments

Chris wants a DVR and heard that TIVO may drop the Roamio. Leo says that TIVO is a good choice but it's kind of expensive. It's cheaper if he were to buy a lifetime subscription and it's not transferrable. A monthly subscription is better in the long term because we don't know how long TIVO will even last.

Is it possible to add hard drives to TIVO? Leo says it's not a traditional format, but the chatroom says you can add external drives and the TIVO will format them. You can also put in a larger drive. Leo recommends Weaknees.

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Watch Newt from Aliso Viejo, California Comments

Newt is getting a new Apple TV from his son, who says it doesn't work for him. Leo says it should if he has internet. Newt says that their internet just isn't good enough to handle video streaming. He's also using up all his data. Leo says that doesn't have anything to do with Apple TV, it's just lousy internet. It's capped internet at that.

Is he using cellular? Or maybe satellite? Leo says he'll need a consistent 5MB down in order to stream in HD. The truth is that bandwidth isn't really the problem, it's the ISPs that want to shake customers down for more money. It sounds like he lives in a rural area and cellular companies with LTE may be an option.

Watch Alan from West LA, CA Comments

Alan has an old Dell computer and he is having trouble using Windows 10 because of the video problems. Leo says that Windows should be able to automatically read the native resolution and adjust accordingly. For some reason, Windows thinks the aspect ratio is wrong and it's stretching it to widescreen. It could be a driver issue. It may also be the text file that describes the attributes of the monitor. It's called a monitor driver.

Leo recommends reinstalling the video and monitor drivers first, but if that doesn't work, then he'll have to try a full reinstall of Windows 10. Alan can get the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft at He can even run the repair utility while installing and see if that will fix it.

Watch Ron from Arcadia, CA Comments

Ron has Windows Media Player and he has videos taking from an old pocket camcorder. Now Windows Media Player won't play the videos anymore. Leo says that Ron is probably in "codec hell," meaning that the avi file needs a codec that Windows doesn't have it. The Camera probably uses a strange codec that Windows 10 probably deleted along with Windows Media Player. And even though you restored it, the codecs are all gone. Leo recommends trying to play it with VideoLanClient instead.