Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1303 (1:14:26)

Johnny Jet

What does Johnny Jet use for a mobile phone while traveling? Johnny says that T-Mobile is his phone service of choice because he gets free international text messaging, 2G/EDGE Data, plus this summer free 4G data in Europe. Leo says that's because T-Mobile is #3, so they're trying harder to get and keep your business.

App - UrLife Media. This lets you make home movies look like a big budget movie trailer. You upload your movie clips and then they edit them together with stock B-roll footage to make them look incredible. It started at around $300, so it's not cheap. Johnny Jet readers get a 20% discount if you upload your content before the end of the summer. Use promo code: Johnnyjet20 Read more at They're also partnering up with hotels to do social media with customer reviews and experiencing. The hotels will offer it for free with B-roll to get some marketing clout behind it.