Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1303 (2:07:37)

Dick DeBartolo

The gadget for this week is called ThinOPTICS. It's a pocketable pair of glasses that you can always carry with you. There were three ways to carry them. You could buy the ThinOPTICS glasses with a universal pod to attach to the back of your phone for $20. There's a smart case to attach to larger phones for about $30 (with two pairs of glasses) and a new convenient keychain model folded inside a pod that easily hooks onto your key ring. Multiple strength options including Low Range (+1.50), Mid Range (+2.00) and High Range (+2.50). The keychain version retails for about $25 and currently includes two pairs of glasses.

- Watch the company video
- Visit the company website at thinoptics.com.