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Watch Gene from California Comments

Gene wants to know if it's a good idea to use an LCD TV as a monitor. Leo says no. The reason is that computer monitors are much higher resolution than TVs, and as such, he'll really see the pixels when sitting up close to it. If he's using a 4K monitor, he can abate that a bit. A better choice would be to just get a larger monitor. He can get them pretty big these days. Scott Wilkinson says that 4K would be a better choice because he would need super clean text to make it easier to read.

Watch Rusty from Ardadia, CA Comments

Rusty has a home built Windows 7 Desktop and he is getting a blue screen of death. Leo says that blue screens of death were common in the early days were because of system memory/driver issues. Programming has gotten better though, so most of the BSODs we get now are hardware related or corrupted driver problems. Leo says to make sure his fans are spinning. While he has his computer open, he should clean out the dust. Then he can try rebooting in safe mode. If that works, and it runs OK, then he'll know that the video driver is failing and he'll need to reinstall it. Rusty can also check his hard drive for bad sectors. SpinRite will do that.

It could also be a failing power supply or an unseated stick of RAM. The thermal paste could have dried out, causing the processor to over heat. It can be a lot of different things.

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Watch Mark from Tustin, CA Comments

Mark's son has an 8GB Samsung Android phone. How can he make more room on it? Leo says to do a factory reset. That will wipe the entire phone and leave just the operating system. From there, he'll have a good idea of how much room that phone really has on it. It won't be much. Apple doesn't sell 8GB phones anymore, neither do most of the Android makers. They're about to dump 16GB models as well.

Watch Reilly from Spanish Fork, UT Comments

Reilly wants to know how to backup his text messages to his computer. For iPhone, PhoneView by eCamm is the way to go. For Android phones, SMS Backup and Restore by Carbonite gets 4 1/2 stars, which is pretty impressive. It will back up his messages to Google Drive or DropBox, and it's free.

What's the difference between SMS and MMS? Leo says that SMS is text, MMS is media/images.

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Watch Scott from Jasper, GA Comments

Scott was an iPhone user, then moved to Android, and now he's back on iPhone because he's blind and the iPhone has better accessibility features. He really likes his Galaxy S7, though, so he's going to end up with two phones. He's going to be using his S7 for photos and such, and he's put a 128GB microSD card in it. How does he move stuff from the internal memory to it? Leo says that he can move pictures, movies, and other media to the SD and he can set his camera to save to it. Apps are more complicated and many apps simply can't use the SD storage.

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Watch Mike from Glendale, CA Comments

Mike wants to build his own website. Should he learn how to write code or use templates? Leo says it really comes down to what he wants it for. He can get started with Google's Blogger and Those are free, but they come with ads. There's also Wix and Weebly, which create special tools to make it really easy to create a custom template based website.

Leo, though, prefers SquareSpace. He'll have to pay for it, but it's very affordable and easy to use. Mike should also check out their Cover Page feature. A free alternative to that would be About.Me.

Mike should check out the APE book by Guy Kawasaki.

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Watch Dave from Long Beach, CA Comments

Dave has a lot of songs that had been downloaded from Napster a long time ago, and all of the cuts have been put on a disc at least once. After doing some rearranging, when he tries to burn certain cuts to a disc, he gets a warning message that says he can't rip or burn them because he doesn't have a license. These songs were all paid for, though. The files were on a data disc, and some of the songs are WMA and some are MP3. If he were to make an audio CD, all the songs would be converted into a special format that could be played back in regular CD players.

His song files probably have copy protection in them. If he were to buy any of those songs today, he wouldn't have to worry about it because music files don't have copy protection anymore. In order to play those back or rip them, he'd have to use the software he used to buy them. If they are iTunes songs, he'll have to open them in iTunes and burn them in iTunes. He'll also have to be logged into the account that he used when he bought those tracks.

It is possible to strip out the copy protection, though. Apple created a way to replace the copy protected cuts with unprotected cuts. It's called iTunes Match, and it costs $25 for a year. This will match the songs in his collection with higher quality unprotected versions. He could also use the "analog hole" way around it, which means playing the song back and recording it as a WAV file with no copy protection in it.

Watch Chuck from Riverside, CA Comments

Chuck says his hard drive is filling up, and he has no way of finding and deleting the files that are using up the most space. Leo recommends using a free program called WinDirStat, which will give him a visualization of the files taking up space. It will also give him the option to delete files. Chuck should just make sure to empty the Recycle Bin after he deletes files.

Watch Steven from San Diego, CA Comments

Steven has created a new tooth brush that fights bad breath. However, he's been told he needs to get on social media. But he's scared about hiring someone to do his social media. Leo says don't! Do it yourself! And since his wife did an amazing job on his website (check out she can easily navigate the waters of social media. Go with Facebook and Twitter, and maybe Snapchat for the younger crowd. That's it. Also have a YouTube channel.