Why does it take so long to get Windows 7 updates?

Episode 1302 (57:46)

Warren from Haymarket, Virginia

Warren is a Windows 7 user who doesn't want to upgrade to 10, and he's frustrated that it takes so long to get updates. Leo says that they're supposed to have fixed that by now. Warren says that in theory they did fix it, but in reality it isn't fixed. It requires installing a service pack that doesn't really address the issue and several other things. Is Microsoft trying to frustrate us into upgrading? Leo says that's a conspiracy theory. He'll need the rolled up service pack update.

Leo doesn't believe that Microsoft is trying to frustrate Windows 7 users because enterprise is their bread and butter and many are still on the Windows 7 platform. They're not going to intentionally bite the hand that feeds them. What are Warren's alternatives to Windows? Leo says that Apple may be the best for the unsophisticated user. If he's into tinkering and likes to get behind how it works, Linux Wine could be a good choice.