What's the best laptop for virtual reality?

Episode 1302 (1:23:46)

Steven from Saltcoats, Saskatchewan

Steven just bought the HTC Vive virtual reality headset with a bunch of VR games and he's going to get it this week. Leo says that of the three, he thinks the Vive is easily the best. It has Steam behind it, so there's a lot of games, and it comes with paddles to interact more. It also has cameras so you can move around in the space.

Steven will need a GeForce GTX N70 or Radeon R9280 or better. 4GB of RAM or better. Leo had to build one for it. Steven wants to make it more portable, though. What is the best laptop for that? ScooterX says that the five best VR laptops are listed at laptopmag.com.

Leo says to not go overboard on specs. If he can meet the minimum requirements of the game, he won't do much better with a more expensive rig.