How can I improve the quality of my home security system?

Episode 1302 (29:14)

Charlie from Manhattan Beach, CA

Charlie has a Q-See surveillance system and it's too grainy to really see any detail. Does he need to upgrade it to a more high definition system? Maybe an IP based platform? Leo says that Q-See's latest version has built in infrared to light up the dark areas, and chances are, Charlie just needs a better model.

The real question isn't transport, it's the camera. The more he spends on the camera, the better results he'll get. Getting a higher resolution cam may not help either. When it comes to digital, lower light is best served with larger pixels. So a 720p camera may work better than a 1080p camera.

Another option is to build up his infrared spectrum by getting more infrared lights. He could also consider Axis cameras, as they are excellent.