How can I improve my Wi-Fi coverage?

Episode 1302 (17:06)

Fred from Upland, CA
Plume Wi-Fi

Fred gets really bad bandwidth with Wi-Fi. Leo says that's a common problem and three companies, including Plume, have started up to address it. Leo says that Eero is currently the only one that has a device out to solve the issue. It costs about $500 for three extenders that he would place all around his home, creating a mesh Wi-Fi network. Luma is a little less expensive, though. Plume will ship in the fall and it's a lot cheaper at $39 a pod, but he would need at least six pods.

Leo uses Eero and he says it's straightforward to use and works quite well with very good coverage all over the house. The speed is about the same. Still, it isn't cheap. Plume may be Fred's best bet.