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Watch Fred from Upland, CA Comments

Fred gets really bad bandwidth with Wi-Fi. Leo says that's a common problem and three companies, including Plume, have started up to address it. Leo says that Eero is currently the only one that has a device out to solve the issue. It costs about $500 for three extenders that he would place all around his home, creating a mesh Wi-Fi network. Luma is a little less expensive, though. Plume will ship in the fall and it's a lot cheaper at $39 a pod, but he would need at least six pods.

Leo uses Eero and he says it's straightforward to use and works quite well with very good coverage all over the house. The speed is about the same. Still, it isn't cheap. Plume may be Fred's best bet.

Watch Charlie from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Charlie has a Q-See surveillance system and it's too grainy to really see any detail. Does he need to upgrade it to a more high definition system? Maybe an IP based platform? Leo says that Q-See's latest version has built in infrared to light up the dark areas, and chances are, Charlie just needs a better model.

The real question isn't transport, it's the camera. The more he spends on the camera, the better results he'll get. Getting a higher resolution cam may not help either. When it comes to digital, lower light is best served with larger pixels. So a 720p camera may work better than a 1080p camera.

Another option is to build up his infrared spectrum by getting more infrared lights. He could also consider Axis cameras, as they are excellent.

Watch Gerald from California Comments

Gerald wants to know how he can upgrade his video drivers without paying for them. Leo says he shouldn't have to pay for drivers, they will come with the hardware he buys. So he should avoid any scam that requires him to pay for a driver. Chances are, Windows Update will have the driver update anyway. He can also get the Windows HQL driver. It's Microsoft certified and is usually the most bug free. Then there's NVidia's certified drivers at

He should remove his old device manager and install the new one.

Watch Warren from Haymarket, Virginia Comments

Warren is a Windows 7 user who doesn't want to upgrade to 10, and he's frustrated that it takes so long to get updates. Leo says that they're supposed to have fixed that by now. Warren says that in theory they did fix it, but in reality it isn't fixed. It requires installing a service pack that doesn't really address the issue and several other things. Is Microsoft trying to frustrate us into upgrading? Leo says that's a conspiracy theory. He'll need the rolled up service pack update.

Leo doesn't believe that Microsoft is trying to frustrate Windows 7 users because enterprise is their bread and butter and many are still on the Windows 7 platform. They're not going to intentionally bite the hand that feeds them. What are Warren's alternatives to Windows? Leo says that Apple may be the best for the unsophisticated user. If he's into tinkering and likes to get behind how it works, Linux Wine could be a good choice.

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Watch Chad from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Chad got a new Samsung TV, but he's discovered that he can't stream YouTube with it from his desktop. Leo says that DIAL and DNLA is supported by Samsung. What may be happening is that the YouTube app on his Samsung TV may be in conflict with his mobile phone.

He'd need to get an Apple TV to do AirPlay with your iPhone. Chromecast is the cheapest way though. It's only $35. Check out this guide for sharing a desktop screen to the TV at

Watch Steven from Saltcoats, Saskatchewan Comments

Steven just bought the HTC Vive virtual reality headset with a bunch of VR games and he's going to get it this week. Leo says that of the three, he thinks the Vive is easily the best. It has Steam behind it, so there's a lot of games, and it comes with paddles to interact more. It also has cameras so you can move around in the space.

Steven will need a GeForce GTX N70 or Radeon R9280 or better. 4GB of RAM or better. Leo had to build one for it. Steven wants to make it more portable, though. What is the best laptop for that? ScooterX says that the five best VR laptops are listed at

Leo says to not go overboard on specs. If he can meet the minimum requirements of the game, he won't do much better with a more expensive rig.

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Watch Mark from Tarzana, CA Comments

Now that he's bought a good Canon camera for his son, what is a good laptop to edit video? He's looking at the 15" MacBook Pro or the Dell XPS 15. Leo says both are excellent and it really comes down to what OS he'll want. Leo says that if he's been using OS X, then getting the Mac is the way to go.

Leo also says he can edit video on Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 12, which is free. Final Cut Pro is $200, and iMovie is free. Mac vs. PC really makes no difference now, though.

Mark says he's shooting in 4K. Leo says that will be hard to do on a laptop because it's very taxing on resources. So he'll likely need to go with the Dell and max out his RAM to 32GB for that. Apple has been slow to update their processors, actually. Processor speed is the #1 issue for 4K video. And for that, the 5K iMac may be the ideal option, but it's not portable. One option is to create an edit list using lower resolution proxies and then move that over to the 4K footage.

He also says that he can get the Dell XPS15 for $700 less at the Microsoft store. It won't come with any Dell support, but Leo says go for it! Microsoft will then support it and it's probably superior than phone support with Dell. The PC will give him more bang for the buck.

Watch Walt from San Diego, CA Comments

Walt is a Ham and wants a Windows Tablet that can handle avionics while he's sailing, and Ham radio software. Leo says that the Surface Pro 3 may be a better option than the Surface Pro 4. It has GPS in the LTE model, while the Surface Pro 4 does not. Asus makes a really nice one as well. Also, the Surface Pro 3 is on sale right now.

Watch Joe from Oceanside, CA Comments

Joe wants to use a different browser than Internet Explorer. Can he change the default browser? Leo says yes. You can always change your browser default and Chrome really is the best option of all of them. Cortana will only work with EDGE or Internet Explorer, though. If he doesn't care about that, then he should definitely use Chrome.

Watch Brenda from Fort Paine, AL Comments

Brenda needs to upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1. Leo says she definitely needs to do that. She says that Windows wants to uninstall Sentinel runtime drivers before installing, but she can't remove them because she hasn't installed them. Leo says it could be due to a program that she used in the past, or it was preloaded in her machine. It's probably from a trial antivirus. She's going to have to reinstall the trialware, and then uninstall it using their removal tool. She can find out more at

ScooterX in the chatroom says that those drivers were part of licensing software embedded in other software. She should install the GUI drivers, then uninstall them.

Watch Sue from San Marcos, CA Comments

Sue needs to make more room on her iPad. Leo says to turn on iCloud photos, and select 'optimize iPad storage.' Not download and keep originals. Then it will backup the full resolution versions in iCloud and replace them with lower resolution versions to make room.

Leo would recommend backing up through iTunes first. Another option is to use Google Photos and Amazon Cloud Prime to backup her photos. Then she'll have three different backups just in case. She can check out details at

Watch Ken from California Comments

Ken got a Uni 4K drone and even when shooting 1080p, the recordings are terrible. Leo says that he'll need a really fast card, like Class 10 and above to get the 4K video quality of 95MBps. The faster the better.