Why can't Google Maps accurately read my location?

Episode 1301 (33:40)

Jim from Simi Valley, CA

Jim says that every time he does a search on Google Maps, it always comes up with a location in Richardson, TX. Leo says that's probably a regional default when Google Maps can't find what he wants it to find. It may also be that Google Maps thinks that's where he is. Google can sometimes use IP addresses to figure out where you are so it can do a search for locations near you. An IP address can also be read as part of the ISP's headquarters, though. AT&T HQ is in Dallas/Richardson, so that is likely why it's showing up that way. There's not much Jim can do about that. One thing to do is change the Wi-Fi access point name.

The chatroom says to clear his browser cache of all cookies. Fusion.net has an article on how a computer finds the geographical location.

Doctor Mom said this Google help page says that if you've moved, Google Maps may get confused as to where you are. The more you use it, the sooner it will figure out where your location is and correct itself.

Jim can also set his home address in Google Maps.