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Watch Lou from San Diego, CA Comments

Lou opened an email in Gmail that he thought was from DropBox, and now all his email is going into the trash. Has he been bit my malware? Leo says it's probably not malware. There must be a filter that is sending all the mail into the trash. Lou should look in Gmail's filters and delete the one that's causing this. That should get him back to normal.

Watch Jim from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Jim says that every time he does a search on Google Maps, it always comes up with a location in Richardson, TX. Leo says that's probably a regional default when Google Maps can't find what he wants it to find. It may also be that Google Maps thinks that's where he is. Google can sometimes use IP addresses to figure out where you are so it can do a search for locations near you. An IP address can also be read as part of the ISP's headquarters, though. AT&T HQ is in Dallas/Richardson, so that is likely why it's showing up that way. There's not much Jim can do about that. One thing to do is change the Wi-Fi access point name.

The chatroom says to clear his browser cache of all cookies. has an article on how a computer finds the geographical location.

Doctor Mom said this Google help page says that if you've moved, Google Maps may get confused as to where you are. The more you use it, the sooner it will figure out where your location is and correct itself.

Jim can also set his home address in Google Maps.

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Watch Ranjith from India Comments

Ranjith uses Elementary OS, a new flavor of Linux. He also does a YouTube channel on technology, but he's noticing that YouTube doesn't pay well at all. Leo agrees. It's really a pittance and it strikes to the core of what Leo says about the tradeoffs of free bandwidth and access vs. making a living. How can he monetize his content beyond YouTube's adsense? Leo says YouTube is more of a promotional vehicle. To really make money, he'll need to have a consistent view rate of over a million views, and not many can do that. People who have been able to strike that is by pandering with viral videos to focus on building views, and even then, they may not be properly rewarded.

Google, in Leo's opinion, uses YouTube to take advantage of content creators. Most of the top earners suppliment the ad revenue sharing with side deals and branding, using YouTube as a promotional vehicle for other rewards. He shouldn't fall into the trap that he could make a living on Youtube.

Check out Ranjith's YouTube channel.

Watch Bill from Glendora, CA Comments

Bill has a Tesla with the autonomous driving feature and he likes it a lot, but sometimes it can "misbehave." It won't change lanes unless he uses the turn signal to do so. It really does its job though, when in stop and go traffic. Leo says that is part of adaptive cruise control and it's great. Bill feels safe using the autonomous features. Leo says that even so, it's important to treat it as a driver assist and pay close attention to how it operates so he can take action should he need to.

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Watch Candy from Spokane, WA Comments

Candy is looking to cut the cable and get an antenna to pick up local channels, while streaming with Netflix. Leo says that the big challenge of cutting the cord is live television. The challenge is how good she can get local channels in her area.

Candy should go to and and she'll get a pretty good idea of what kind of free broadcast she can get with an antenna. She'll also need at least 3-5MB down to stream. Leo recommends Roku. What about sports broadcasting? Leo says she can buy SlingTV and get local sports programming and ESPN for about $20 a month.

Watch Matthew from Vienna, AUS Comments

Matthew has to reboot his laptop several times before it finally boots up. Leo says this has been an ongoing problem with PCs for decades and Leo believes it's a hardware issue in the overall PC design. He thinks it's because the laptop is cold and when it boots up, it takes awhile to get the connections warmed up in order to work. Leo says one way to test this is to reboot with a Linux CD and see if it boots up OK. If it does, then it's a Windows software issue, and reinstalling Windows should solve it. If not, it's a hardware issue.

It could also be a BIOS issue. Matthew should look in BIOS for ESCD and reset it.

Watch Mark from Sandy, OR Comments

Mark is having issues with his mobile phone because it keeps turning down 75% of volume when he plugs it into his aux jack on his stereo. Leo says that there's a feature that will limit the volume when headphones are plugged in and the phone thinks he's listening on headphones. That's what's going on here. He may be able to disable that feature in his phone settings.

Watch Diego from Fullerton, CA Comments

Leo says it depends on his budget, but he'll need a big screen TV, and it's always a larger screen than you would think. If it's a media room, then a projector will likely be a better choice and he can go with as large of a screen as he wants. Projectors can range from $2,000 to $4,000 from Epson, to hundreds of thousands from Ronco. Then there's the screen itself.

He'll also want a Dolby Atmos compatible home theater system. Diego should check out AVSForum for more.