Should I buy a new 5K iMac?

Episode 1300 (1:03:05)

Laura from San Diego, CA
Apple iMac with 5K Retina display

Laura has had an iMac for 9 years and is wondering if she should upgrade her Mac to a new one. She's looking at the 5K iMac. Leo says it's a beauty and the best computer that Apple makes. Leo says that's a beautiful choice, but she shouldn't feel like she needs to buy a new computer if all she needs to do is replace the hard drive in the old one.

If she can afford the 5K iMac, then why not? She shouldn't go overboard with features. 16GB or RAM is fast enough. Leo also recommends getting it with an SSD. She can have a boot drive that's a 128GB - 256GB SSD, and then go with a spinning drive for your data. Or she can go with a 1TB SSD if money is no object. It will last her a long time -- maybe even for life. Leo says that we've reached the peak of processor speed right now and so it'll likely be more than adequate moving forward.