Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1300 (30:00)

Johnny and his wife Natalie are hanging out in Hawaii this week. Today he's talking about Brexit and how the UK leaving the EU will affect travel. He says there won't be much change for about two years, but it has lowered the cost of travel in the short run to the UK. But it will affect flyers who use Irish carriers like Ryan Air, since Ireland could opt to stay in the EU.

This week's app is TraffickCam. This app helps combat child sex trafficking by taking tasking travelers to take pictures of their hotel rooms and uploading them to TraffikCam to compare photos they find on the internet and get a point of data to find children who are trapped in sex trafficking. You put your hotel and room number and the images and upload them. It'll help save kids.

This week's website - It will let you know if you can expect turbulence on your flight and where it is during the flight.