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Watch Brandon from Redlands, CA Comments

Brandon needs to recover text messages that he deleted from his iPhone 5S. Leo says that if he's deleted a text, there really isn't a way to recover it. However, his carrier will almost certainly have a copy of the message, if it used SMS (the green bubble), so he could try and ask them. He could also look in the Messages (iMessage is the blue bubble) app on his desktop. If he has text messages still on his phone and he wants to get them off, then eCamm has a utility to download them. Another option is the iCloud backup. It could be backed up there as well. He should log into his iCloud account and see if it's there.

Watch Eric from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Eric wants to be able to lock a PDF file so that nobody can modify it. Leo says that every PDF creator, including Adobe Acrobat, can protect it so it can't be modified. He can also also set the PDF so that the document cannot be forwarded to anyone else. If he trusts the person that he's sending it to, he can encrypt the PDF so it requires a password to open it. But understand that if they can open it, they can make an image of it and share it outside of that. So he'll need to trust the person he sends it to.

Another PDF creator option is FoxIt.

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Watch Gary from Laughlin, NV Comments

Gary picked up a second hand New Balance runner's watch and he needs to get a USB charger for it. Leo says that is where he can go if it uses a proprietary connector. It uses a Pogo pin plug, though, and that means he can't just pick up a third party charger.

If Gary can find out what model number it is, he may be able to go to eBay and pick one up. He should definitely get it from New Balance, though.

Watch Laura from San Diego, CA Comments

Laura has had an iMac for 9 years and is wondering if she should upgrade her Mac to a new one. She's looking at the 5K iMac. Leo says it's a beauty and the best computer that Apple makes. Leo says that's a beautiful choice, but she shouldn't feel like she needs to buy a new computer if all she needs to do is replace the hard drive in the old one.

If she can afford the 5K iMac, then why not? She shouldn't go overboard with features. 16GB or RAM is fast enough. Leo also recommends getting it with an SSD. She can have a boot drive that's a 128GB - 256GB SSD, and then go with a spinning drive for your data. Or she can go with a 1TB SSD if money is no object. It will last her a long time -- maybe even for life. Leo says that we've reached the peak of processor speed right now and so it'll likely be more than adequate moving forward.

Watch Paul from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Paul is a full time editor with a Mac Pro and he really needs to upgrade the video card. Leo says that he was very disappointed with the "trash can" Mac. It seemed pretty impressive, but it wasn't state of the art. The dual ATI Radeon cards aren't up to date and there isn't an upgrade path to beef them up either. He can attach stuff though, through dongles.

Leo feels that since Apple hasn't announced any upgraded models, that Apple has abandoned the professional market. That's why Leo went to Dell and bought Precision workstations. As much as Leo hates Windows, he's sad to say that going with a PC is really his only option moving forward.

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Watch Tanner from Massachusetts Comments

Tanner is into racing and although he has Verizon at home, he still can't get the live racing feed unless he's a mobile subscriber. They want customers to double dip and because they have deals with other broadcasters, they can't just let them have it all with a FIOS subscription.

He's also having issues with his Apple network. It won't let him create a nickname. Leo says that Apple has always had a difficult time with networking and sometimes it'll work, sometimes it won't. It's really a pity because Leo feels that Apple is losing it's way chasing a dollar, rather than serving their customers.

Watch Paul from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

Paul uses the iPad Pro for presentations and wants to have a remote to control his Powerpoint presentation. Leo says that if he has an iPhone or Apple Watch, he can use it to sync to the iPad remotely.

Another option is a Bluetooth clicker that supports Powerpoint. He could also just make the move to Keynote. Doctor Mom uses a Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer Mobile Presenter and Remote Control.

Watch William from Virginia Comments

William uses an iPhone 3GS and an iPod and wants to upgrade to an Android phone. Leo says that if he wants to move from an iPod to an iPhone, that's really easy via iTunes. For music he bought awhile ago through iTunes, however, he can't move that to Android. He'll have to strip all the DRM out by paying $25 for iTunes Match. Then he can download all the music back from Match with DRM free versions, and with better quality sound. There are some apps that will enable him to move his music from the iPhone to Android. Leo recommends DoubleTwist.

Leo also recommends podcast players like DownCast and Pocket Casts. Those will download his podcasts automatically for him on the phone.

Watch David from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Dave is looking to get the Dell Inspirion 5000 laptop for about $699. Leo says that for basic work, it'll be just fine for Dave's needs. How can he learn to use it? Leo says he could take a class at a local community college, but it's really better to just get it and play with it and learn as he goes.

Dave is also frustrated that he can't seem to buy tickets to the concerts he wants because they sell out so fast. Leo says that ticket brokers are now using technology to buy out concerts and then sell the tickets at a higher price. Leo says it's a form of scalping and it should be illegal.