Why does the font change in my browser while I'm typing?

Episode 1299 (36:26)

Richard from Burbank, CA

Richard has noticed the fonts change while he's using Yahoo Mail, and is wondering why that's happening. Leo says that there's something about his browser that is causing it. He may be accidentally hitting the keyboard combination while he's typing. It's usually "Control +" that he would hit. If he's using Chrome, then it sounds like a bug in Yahoo's javascript. Since it's being sold off by Yahoo, it's likely that they're not really addressing issues like this. The issue has been going on since 2012 and there's not much in the way of answers. He could try resetting his browser.

Before he goes that drastic, Richard should try going into his browser options and setting the font and size. He can also set it for text only, or rich text. That should fix it. Leo also says to try switching to the older version of Yahoo Mail or move to Gmail. He can even keep his Yahoo Mail and have all the mail forwarded to Gmail.