What should I get for my first smartphone?

Episode 1299 (11:23)

Terri from Los Angeles, CA
Apple iPhone 6s

Terri has an old Razor flip phone and it's about to be disabled by AT&T. Leo says that if AT&T is doing that for network reasons, then they should give her a free phone to replace it. She should be able to get another flip phone if she wants. If Terri wants a smart phone, then she'll have to remember it will cost a lot more with the data plan. If she's ready for that, she'll be able to do a lot more with it. Leo recommends having her son take her to the AT&T store and see what the options are. She could go pay as she goes, or get a 2 year data plan. That will be $80-100 a month, though, and she may not want to pay that. It could be cheaper to just buy the phone up front.

There are a lot of phone options available, including the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. They're older models, but if her sons are on Android and they're willing to support Mom, the Samsung Galaxy 6 is another good option.

She could even go to the store and say "I'm not happy and I'm looking to change carriers to Ting or Cricket" and watch them scramble to keep her business.

How much data does she need? Leo says that she won't really know up front. She should start at 2GB. The nice thing about Ting is that she'll only pay for what she uses. If she's going to watch video, then that's going to use up data quickly. She might need 5GB in that case, but she should see what the price is. There may be a steep learning curve at first, but she can do it.