How can I do live capture of video on my Mac?

Episode 1299 (1:38:13)

Jeff from Los Angeles, CA
Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera

Jeff is a casting director and he uses an old version of iMovie to do live capture of his actors auditions. Now that it has changed, he doesn't have an easy way to video capture directly into something. The new iMovie won't even do it. Leo says that Quicktime is a good option. It's the underlying codec for iMovie anyway. He's still have to organize the clips and save them into separate folders and manage it manually, though. Apple may still have the old version of iMovie for download. Jeff should go to and go back to the old versions. Many of those require older operating systems, though.

Adobe Premiere may work for this. This is largely why many pros have moved away from Final Cut and embraced Premiere, because Apple has abandoned the professional video user. Another option is Blackmagic. They make simple cameras that aren't super expensive and are designed for live capture. The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera for instance.