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Watch Terri from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Terri has an old Razor flip phone and it's about to be disabled by AT&T. Leo says that if AT&T is doing that for network reasons, then they should give her a free phone to replace it. She should be able to get another flip phone if she wants. If Terri wants a smart phone, then she'll have to remember it will cost a lot more with the data plan. If she's ready for that, she'll be able to do a lot more with it. Leo recommends having her son take her to the AT&T store and see what the options are. She could go pay as she goes, or get a 2 year data plan. That will be $80-100 a month, though, and she may not want to pay that. It could be cheaper to just buy the phone up front.

There are a lot of phone options available, including the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. They're older models, but if her sons are on Android and they're willing to support Mom, the Samsung Galaxy 6 is another good option.

She could even go to the store and say "I'm not happy and I'm looking to change carriers to Ting or Cricket" and watch them scramble to keep her business.

How much data does she need? Leo says that she won't really know up front. She should start at 2GB. The nice thing about Ting is that she'll only pay for what she uses. If she's going to watch video, then that's going to use up data quickly. She might need 5GB in that case, but she should see what the price is. There may be a steep learning curve at first, but she can do it.

Watch Richard from Burbank, CA Comments

Richard has noticed the fonts change while he's using Yahoo Mail, and is wondering why that's happening. Leo says that there's something about his browser that is causing it. He may be accidentally hitting the keyboard combination while he's typing. It's usually "Control +" that he would hit. If he's using Chrome, then it sounds like a bug in Yahoo's javascript. Since it's being sold off by Yahoo, it's likely that they're not really addressing issues like this. The issue has been going on since 2012 and there's not much in the way of answers. He could try resetting his browser.

Before he goes that drastic, Richard should try going into his browser options and setting the font and size. He can also set it for text only, or rich text. That should fix it. Leo also says to try switching to the older version of Yahoo Mail or move to Gmail. He can even keep his Yahoo Mail and have all the mail forwarded to Gmail.

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Watch Noah from Chino, CA Comments

Noah is looking for an OBD2 device like the Automatic that can give him an alarm if he passes the speed limit, but lets him set the speed. Leo says that the Automatic would alert him if he goes over 70. They were the first to do the iPhone version, and now does Android.

The idea of the Automatic is to teach drivers to be fuel efficient. He can turn the warnings off, but there are other options as well. There is an app called Dash for iOS and Android that can alert him and it will suggest different dongles out there to use. His insurance company may actually have one too and could offer him a discount if he uses it.

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Watch Eric from Milwaukee, WI Comments

Eric has an iPhone 6 Plus and he's heading to London, but AT&T refuses to unlock his phone while he goes. What are his options? Leo says that's because they want him to buy their international data package. Leo recommends renting a MiFi from a local British carrier and use it for his data. He should turn off data roaming on his phone, though. That's how Leo did it and it worked great.

Watch Chris from Lakewood, CA Comments

Chris is still using Windows XP, but his computer is slowing down and his internet connection isn't that great. Time Warner says that if he upgrades to Windows 10, it'll give him faster internet performance. Is that true? Leo says it's true that the older a computer gets, the slower it becomes. He calls it "kruft." Leo backs up his data, reformats the drive and reinstalls Windows once a year. Chris can do that and upgrade to Windows 10, sure, but Leo advises going to Windows 7 if he can. If he gets a new computer, he will get it with Windows 10. It'll be cheaper and faster than when he bought the XP machine.

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Watch Michael from California Comments

Michael has a website and has learned that Google has changed the rules regarding SEO. Leo says that Google is always changing the rules in an effort to combat spam. Michael's analytics have dropped dramatically since then, though. Leo says that following the webmasters tools based on Google's analytics is really the best thing to do. Will using Java affect his SEO? Leo says no. Having an updated site map will improve his chances. Making his website "mobile responsive" will also be rewarded. Loading speeds are also key. Google wants his site to be mobile friendly and Google has a test in the webmaster tools to see if it is. That can really matter as well.

Watch Jeff from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jeff is a casting director and he uses an old version of iMovie to do live capture of his actors auditions. Now that it has changed, he doesn't have an easy way to video capture directly into something. The new iMovie won't even do it. Leo says that Quicktime is a good option. It's the underlying codec for iMovie anyway. He's still have to organize the clips and save them into separate folders and manage it manually, though. Apple may still have the old version of iMovie for download. Jeff should go to and go back to the old versions. Many of those require older operating systems, though.

Adobe Premiere may work for this. This is largely why many pros have moved away from Final Cut and embraced Premiere, because Apple has abandoned the professional video user. Another option is Blackmagic. They make simple cameras that aren't super expensive and are designed for live capture. The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera for instance.

Watch Doug from Sacramento, CA Comments

Doug has been taking a lot video classes with Adobe Premiere and After Effects, but his HP computer performance isn't all that great. Leo says that when you buy a computer at Costco you're not going to get a pro-grade device. If Doug is being slowed down by rendering, he'll not only want a lot of RAM, but he should also put in an SSD. A good NVidia or ATI Radeon video card will give him a fast GPU to handle the rendering instead of his PC's processor. That's what Premiere relies on -- the GPU.

Speaking of processors, an i7 wouldn't hurt either. It uses multi threading. Having more threads with a slower processor may not help him. He should go the other way with a faster processor and fewer cores. The GPU is really going to shoulder most of the load. Should he go with Apple? Leo says no. They don't keep up in the pro world. They've abandoned the professional market for the consumer market.

For video and 3D rendering, Leo went with Dell Precisions and top of the line dual GPUs. He can even go with a Xenon processor. It has more L2 cache, which is the single most important feature for video editing and performance of the processor. A workstation is going to be more expensive, but it'll give him the results he's looking for. Is Asus a good brand to buy motherboards? Leo uses the Asus Striker for his gaming machine and that's similar for performance.

Watch Robert from San Diego, CA Comments

Robert wants to know if digital antennas are going to get any better or have they reached the peak of their performance window? Leo says it's likely that they won't improve any time soon, but maybe using the right antenna for his area is the key. Robert should check out either or to see recommendations for his area.