How can I improve the audio of my stream on Facebook Live?

Episode 1298 (1:13:36)

Alex from Laguna Beach, CA
Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

Alex has been watching a lot of live videos on Facebook. He knows that a lot of these are used with mobile phones, but the sound is terrible. He's a musician and he wants to do live performances with Facebook Live. How can he improve the sound?

Phone mics don't handle sound pressure well and can clip pretty quickly. So he'll want an external microphone. Shure makes a mic that plugs into the Lightning port of the iPhone, and it's called the Motiv. Leo uses the MV88. There's also the Performer MV51 and he can plug it in via wire to his phone. He also noticed that Facebook has lowered the audio quality to mono. Leo says it's still in the early days and chances are they will improve the audio quality over time. There's also companies that can plug into his sound board. Shure's MVI does that.