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Watch Dennis from Fresno, CA Comments

Dennis is going to be RVing full time and wants to know the best way to stay connected. Leo says that he can get a satellite add-on to his RV and many come with it built-in. He'll always have to aim it where he goes, though.

The other option is to go with his cellular phone and use it as a hotspot. That really comes down to where he's traveling and what his carrier's coverage map is. He can go LTE and buy a larger package if the data coverage is adequate. He can also take advantage of Wi-Fi where he parks so that he's not always using the cell coverage. Dennis can also use a MiFi card and that will enable him to connect up to five devices.

Watch Chuck from Burbank, CA Comments

Chuck has heard of a guy who's created an AirPlay device so that people can stream wirelessly to the TV from a computer. Leo says that is possible, but Apple licenses AirPlay and unless he's bought a license, that won't work for long.

Here's a streaming stick for sale on Amazon that works with AirPlay. Leo says it's likely a Chinese knockoff and it's probably not exactly legal.

Watch Justin from Savannah, GA Comments

Justin wants to get a high end laptop that will run Linux. Leo says that Linux always works best with older hardware, but Lenovo's laptops seem to be very popular with Linux users. Another option is Dell. They sell native Linux laptops called Project Sputnik.

Should he buy a used laptop? Leo says that nowadays he can buy a brand new Lenovo for $500. If he's on a budget, he should look at Lenovo's refurbished site. He'll save some money there. He shouldn't buy refurbs from anyone but the manufacturer, though. That way he can at least get a warranty.

Watch Rojit from California Comments

Rojit is getting an iPhone for father's day and he wants to know if he should wait for the iPhone 7. Leo says that if he can wait until September/October, then he'll get the latest and greatest running iOS 10. We know that it's coming in the fall. We also hear that there will be an improved dual camera, and the talk is that Apple is going to eliminate the headphone jack and use the Lightning port. It may not be enough to wait for. If he got one today, he'll be fine. Then he'll be set up to get the iPhone 7s next year.

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Watch Warren from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Warren is looking to buy the Dell XPS and he wants to know if he needs a touch screen. Leo says that the concept of touch screens mostly started with iPad. People are now used to touching the screen to do things, so Microsoft decided that Windows needed a touch screen option. Windows 8 worked with touch and PCs began to come with it. If Warren likes touching the screen to interact with it, then by all means get one. Windows 10 doesn't require a touch screen and works perfectly well with keyboard and mouse, though.

Watch Nick from Michigan Comments

Nick has forgotten the password on his Windows 8.1 laptop. How can he crack it so he can give it to his sister? Leo says that there's password crackers that can work with Windows 8.1. If he logged in using his Microsoft account, however, he can go to his Live account at and reset his password. Then he can get into it and do what he needs to do.

Watch Alex from Laguna Beach, CA Comments

Alex has been watching a lot of live videos on Facebook. He knows that a lot of these are used with mobile phones, but the sound is terrible. He's a musician and he wants to do live performances with Facebook Live. How can he improve the sound?

Phone mics don't handle sound pressure well and can clip pretty quickly. So he'll want an external microphone. Shure makes a mic that plugs into the Lightning port of the iPhone, and it's called the Motiv. Leo uses the MV88. There's also the Performer MV51 and he can plug it in via wire to his phone. He also noticed that Facebook has lowered the audio quality to mono. Leo says it's still in the early days and chances are they will improve the audio quality over time. There's also companies that can plug into his sound board. Shure's MVI does that.

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Watch James from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

James has an 80" Vizio HDTV and he'd like to stream it. Can he stream it from his iPad Pro? When he plugs it into the Vizio it plays sound but not the picture. Leo thinks it's probably copy protection. If even one item in the chain isn't HDCP compliant, it'll downsample it or even refuse to connect.

The best way to do it is with Apple TV. Another option is using an antenna. In fact, having an antenna will get the best image since it isn't compressed. If he has a good signal, it'll be the best possible image.

Watch Sid from Valencia, CA Comments

Sid wants a 40" HDTV and he's been told to get a 4K model. Leo says that a 40" screen is too small to see the difference between 4K and 1080p, so he may as well save his money and stick with 1080p. There's no 4K content on broadcast or satellite, either.

Watch Judy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Judy is scanning in receipts but she has an old laptop. Does she need anything special? Leo says that if she's going to do that, NeatReceipts is the ideal way to do it. It comes with a scanner and software and is pretty turn-key. Most people these days use their mobile phones and just take pictures of receipts.

Watch Judy from West Los Angeles, CA Comments

Judy uses email, but she's having trouble forwarding email to someone else. Leo says to forward the mail exactly as it came, including attachments. If she tries to change it, she could end up messing it up. Using a computer at the library may be an issue as well. The browser may be older. It may also be a setting in the library's security settings to discourage that. Judy should try sending messages to herself and see if she can duplicate the issue.

Watch Ed from Tennessee Comments

Ed is blind and has trouble controlling his HAM radio with his computer. Leo says if he has software that is designed to control it, and a cable that converts USB to RS232, then it should work. The chatroom says that they haven't gotten it to work on Macs either. Macs don't work because they don't recognize COM ports. Windows, by contrast, is backwards compatible and has support for that. He'll also need drivers. If the COM port adapter came with software, then that could also be the issue.

Mike's PBX Cookbook has drivers and terminal commands that might make it possible for Ed's Mac to recognize a COM port.

Watch Earl from Arcadia, CA Comments

Earl wants an unlimited data plan. Leo says that Sprint and T-Mobile both offer unlimited data plans. If he's not ready to jump to another carrier, he can save data by managing the settings in his iPhone. If he has iOS 8 or later, he should look under his usage settings. He can disable cellular data for individual apps.