Will I have to buy a new PlayStation to use PlayStation VR?

Episode 1297 (1:32:50)

JR from Los Angeles, CA
Sony PlayStation VR

JR works on the Sony PlayStation VR project. He says that the PlayStation VR will work with the original PS4 design. Leo agrees and said that Sony didn't announce a slimmer PlayStation 4.5 like rumored, and JR says that's because they wanted to focus on virtual reality. Leo says he's very excited about PlayStation VR and thinks it's going to be a huge hit. It will definitely be the most affordable way to get into VR for gaming. The word is that it will have up to 60 titles to go with it by the end of the year. JR's work revolves around virtual reality discomfort, and for most people, they can work around it, but about 15% won't ever get over it.

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