What should I get for my first computer?

Episode 1297 (1:49:28)

Bob from LaHabra, CA
Acer Chromebase 21.5-inch Full HD Touchscreen All-in-One Desktop

Bob is retired and wants to get his first computer. What should he get? Leo says to avoid Mac or PC because they are general purpose and more computer than most people need. Leo advises getting either a Chromebook or a tablet. If he wants a keyboard to type with, then Leo advises getting a Chromebook. They are very inexpensive, starting at around $150-500.

Bob would like a desktop, though, not a laptop. Leo then advises getting a ChromeBox. They're just like a Chromebook but are an all-in-one desktop computer with a monitor built in. The Acer Chromebase comes with a 24" screen and is around $300.

Will he need internet? Leo says yes and if he's on a budget, he should go with DSL Extreme.