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Watch Richard from Louisiana Comments

Richard is thinking about buying a Samsung Galaxy Gear VR headset. Leo says that the Galaxy VR is powered by Oculus and it's more like a high tech Viewmaster than a verified VR device. It's a step up from Google Cardboard. It doesn't have controllers to interact with it, so he would end up just watching what's going on, rather than interacting with it. Richard will also need a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone to use it. He should be aware of the physical uneasiness that he'll experience in VR, too. Some people do get sick from vertigo.

At $99, though, it's hard to beat, and there's a few fun games he could play. It's mostly a passive VR experience, though.

Watch Dave from Whichita Falls, TX Comments

Dave wants to buy a new Dell XPS laptop with an i7 processor. Leo says that he won't really need an i7 processor unless he's doing something graphically intense, like video editing. It would be better to get an i5 and then add an SSD. That will increase the speed of his computer's performance because the hard drive is solid state. He can then get a spinning drive for his data and still come out spending less.

Meanwhile, on another computer, he needs to activate Windows 10 but it hasn't yet. Leo thinks it's because it has an unauthorized copy of Windows 7 on it.

Watch Keetahn from Walnut, CA Comments

Keetahn wants to know if he can hardwire a speaker to his cell phone that will let people hear the phone ringing in another room. Leo says that a Bluetooth speaker would be ideal, but the problem is that it can lose connectivity and would need re-pairing. Leo says the best is a base station corded phone that he can pair with his cell phone service.

The VTech Connect to Cell Cordless phone system is the best bet. It will connect to your cellphone and also work with a landline. Panasonic also makes one but it's more expensive. You want one that support DETC standard.

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Watch Luiz from El Monte, CA Comments

Luiz has a hard drive that Windows can't read and it wants to reformat it. Leo says chances are that it was formatted with Apple's file system, rather than Windows file system. Leo recommends copying the files off of it using a Mac and then reformat the hard drive to FAT. Then copy it back. The Windows machine will be able to read it then.

Another option is to just buy a second hard drive that is already preformatted in FAT and then just copy them over from the other hard drive with the Mac. Then he'll have two copies, one being a backup. It'll then be a simple drag and drop.

If he still has issues playing it, then he can use VLC Media Player.

Watch Greg from Corona, CA Comments

Greg's mobile phone is rebooting. Leo says that usually indicates a hardware issue. He can eliminate software issues by doing a hard reset, but it's more likely a memory or storage issue. If it's out of warranty, then it will be time to upgrade. He could try bringing it to his carrier store and tell them he'd re-up with them if they replace or upgrade it.

Watch Rick from Pleasant Hill, CA Comments

Rick is a member of a user group called the Diablo Valley User Group and they had a shootout between Roku and Apple TV. When he plugged in the Roku 4, though, he got no signal. Could it have been a DRM issue? He's heard that running an HDMI cable through a splitter will strip out the DRM. Leo says it depends on the splitter. Usually sold from China, they can have that advantage, but they can't say so because they'll be blocked.

AppleTV has HDCP, and Rick said it works. So it's probably not a DRM issue. It's more likely an HDMI handshaking issue. It could even be a bad cable.

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Watch JR from Los Angeles, CA Comments

JR works on the Sony PlayStation VR project. He says that the PlayStation VR will work with the original PS4 design. Leo agrees and said that Sony didn't announce a slimmer PlayStation 4.5 like rumored, and JR says that's because they wanted to focus on virtual reality. Leo says he's very excited about PlayStation VR and thinks it's going to be a huge hit. It will definitely be the most affordable way to get into VR for gaming. The word is that it will have up to 60 titles to go with it by the end of the year. JR's work revolves around virtual reality discomfort, and for most people, they can work around it, but about 15% won't ever get over it.

Check out video of Leo playing the PlayStation VR on Triangulation Episode 250.

Watch Jim from Gaithersburg, MD Comments

Jim is legally blind and uses an internet radio. He doesn't understand how to use it, though, and it buffers a lot. Leo says that Wi-Fi has a distance issue where the greater the distance, the weaker the system, and the slower the bandwidth. That's why Leo recommends plugging it directly into his router and he won't see nearly as much buffering. Leo recommends hardwire connections for any streaming device.

Watch Bob from LaHabra, CA Comments

Bob is retired and wants to get his first computer. What should he get? Leo says to avoid Mac or PC because they are general purpose and more computer than most people need. Leo advises getting either a Chromebook or a tablet. If he wants a keyboard to type with, then Leo advises getting a Chromebook. They are very inexpensive, starting at around $150-500.

Bob would like a desktop, though, not a laptop. Leo then advises getting a ChromeBox. They're just like a Chromebook but are an all-in-one desktop computer with a monitor built in. The Acer Chromebase comes with a 24" screen and is around $300.

Will he need internet? Leo says yes and if he's on a budget, he should go with DSL Extreme.

Watch Sandra from Corona, CA Comments

Sandra dropped her mobile phone and had the screen fixed at Staples. Now Siri doesn't work, and neither does the speaker. Leo says that the problem with third party repair sites. Leo says that Apple's attitude takes away our right to repair and it's hard for third parties to learn how to repair the phone properly. Had she brought it back to Apple, it would have been either repaired or replaced properly. At this point, her only option is to bring it back to Staples until it gets fixed properly.