What virtual reality system should I buy?

Episode 1296 (1:46:23)

Russ from Benton Harbor, MI

Russ wants to know what VR system should he buy. Leo has both the RIFT and the VIBE, but he's also played with the Sony Playstation VR and he thinks that may be the winner. But it won't be out until this fall. Right now, though, Leo says that the HTC Vive has the edge because it has handheld controllers along with it. The Rift requires the XBox controller at the moment. Another advantage the Vive has is that it has two cameras that you can put in each corner with a 10 foot radius and move around. The Rift is more limited in movement. The Vive has also teamed up with Steam for gaming, but the Rift may have better games right now.

One thing to keep in mind,m however, is that you can get nauseous with all of them. One tip on that is to put a cold wash rag on the back of your neck. Apparently, that combats it.

If you can wait, then hang on for the Playstation VR. It will also allow you to use the Playstation Move paddles. But if you have to choose now, go with the HTC Vive.