What home automation system should I invest in?

Episode 1296 (1:23:18)

Chris from Los Angeles, CA

Chris is building a house and wants to get into home automation. Should he go with something wired or wireless, and what about the security of it? Leo says that we are still at the very beginning of home automation. There are a lot of systems and no standard has really been established. Most modern home automation systems are wireless, now. Everyone uses their home Wi-Fi networks to operate them. To future proof it, Leo would advise putting conduit into the walls as a kind of tunnel so he can put in fiber or some other wires should he decide to. He should also avoid making a massive investment into a single platform until this all shakes out.

Security is another big issue with home automation and Internet of Things devices. Most of these devices haven't been built with much security in mind, and as a result there have been hacks and breaches.