Is there a third party option to Dell's Click to Fix?

Episode 1296 (49:10)

Brett from Woodbridge, NJ

Brett has a Dell computer and wants to know if there's an open source program that can speed up his computer like Dell does with Click to Fix? Leo says that Dell doesn't share their secrets and Leo doesn't think that it's safe to use a third party open source option for this. Dell's Click to Fix knows its own hardware and as such, can do a targeted fix. Open source stuff can't do that and can be overly aggressive and cause more problems than it fixes.

Leo does say that Piriform's CCleaner, though, is pretty good. It usually deletes cache and temp files, and even deletes unused keys in the registry. Brett would want to back it up though, just in case. He also should be sure he downloads open source programs from the original maker, and not an aggregator or third party, because the software can be spoofed and actually be malware.

Ultimately, though, if he's been bit by malware, the only way to be sure to get rid of it is to backup his data, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows.